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club car crash test

Why do Golf Carts Fail Crash Tests?

Recent crash tests conducted in Europe has brought golf carts into the spotlight after a Club Car Villager LSV performed poorly
customized golf carts GPS

Samsung Golf Pilot Takes on Club Car’s Visage

Samsung announced it has been testing a GPS system for golf carts in Australia.
polaris vehicle recalls

Polaris Recalls 133,000 Off-Road Vehicles

Polaris Industries issued a voluntary recall of more than 133,000 RZR off-road vehicles.
golf carts denver

Man Charged for Running Over Golfer With Golf Cart

A man was charged for running down another golfer in his golf cart in Denver, Colorado.
self driving golf cart

Self-Driving Golf Carts Launched in Singapore

The team at MIT partnered with a counterpart in Singapore to produce a fully autonomous golf cart
custom golf carts

Google Patent Bid Reveals the Future of Self-Driving Golf Carts

Self-driving technology could soon be making its way into other modes of transportation, including golf carts
buying a golf cart

Who Are the Top Seven Vendors in the Global Golf Cart Battery Market

A new report released by Technavio has recognized the top vendors of golf cart batteries in the world.
club car accessories

What Makes Club Car’s Visage System So Good?

Club Car’s Visage Mobile Golf Information System developed by GPS Industries LLC (GPSI) in Sarasota, Florida
Golf Carts at Hope Island

Sanctuary Cove – Hope Island Golf Cart Path Opens

The path connecting Hope Island Resort & Sanctuary Cove in Queensland, Australia has finally opened
low speed electric vehicles on China street

China Opts for Low-Speed Electric Vehicles

Low-speed electric vehicles have taken over China in a big way, this is a victory for alternative transportation
considering an electric vehicle

Interest in Electric Vehicles Unchanged Since 2013

A recent survey conducted by Harris Poll shows that electric vehicles of all sorts have experienced a slowdown in market growth
hamilton island golf cart accident

Nine Injured in Golf Cart Accident at Hamilton Island

Hamilton Island Resort, Queensland, Australia. Nine people injured in serious golf cart accident.