How to Reduce Golf Cart Theft

How to Reduce Golf Cart Theft

As golf carts become increasingly popular and versatile, they have been subject to an alarming rate of thefts. Fortunately, several methods and devices have been specifically designed to prevent golf cart theft at home or while on the move, and theft-prevention equipment is extremely affordable when purchased from online stores specializing in discount golf cart parts.

Following are the top ways to prevent the theft of your golf cart.

Secure Garage

One of the most effective ways to prevent your golf cart from being stolen is to park it in a secure building, such as a garage. If you have room or can make room in your garage, it will always be your best bet, but of course, this doesn’t help when you are not home.

Uniquely Keyed Start Switch

One aspect of electric golf carts that makes them so susceptible to theft is that the factory-installed start switches often use generic keys provided by the manufacturers. This means that thousands of other people use the exact same key you do. While some manufacturers offer unique key switches as options, others do not, but you can buy aftermarket switches from retailers of discount golf cart parts to lock out anyone attempting to start your vehicle with a generic key.

Keypad Locks

Some golf cart owners prefer to treat their carts just as they would their cars by installing unique key switches, but many have found it easier to use simple keypad locks. This device is wired to a golf cart’s electrical system, and a numbered keypad is mounted on the dash. The lock is programmed with a combination, which must be entered through the keypad before the batteries will supply power to the vehicle.

Hidden Disconnect Switch

If you don’t want to get all fancy with an electronic keypad lock, you can use the simpler, yet still effective, hidden disconnect switch. It works much the same as the keypad lock, disconnecting the flow of power from the batteries, but it is just a toggle switch. The switch is usually hidden under the dashboard, under the seat or in another inconspicuous location. The only downside is that if a would-be thief finds the switch, he or she will be able to start the golf cart. The good news is that most thieves do not consider the possibility of a disconnect switch and walk away in search of a vehicle that is easier to steal. Some of these disconnect switches now have holes so that a padlock can be inserted while it is in the off position.

Pedal Lock

Rather than cutting off the electricity, several types of locks are available to prevent thieves from operating or controlling the vehicle. One of these is called a pedal lock. This hardware device consists of a metal box that is placed over the accelerator pedal. A metal pin is then inserted through the box behind the pedal so that it cannot be depressed, preventing the cart from being driven.

Steering Wheel Lock

Steering wheel locks for automobiles were made famous by The Club. Several manufacturers make similar devices, but The Club offers a model made specifically for golf carts that locks both the pedal and the steering wheel. Before ordering, however, you must be sure that it will fit on your golf cart as some buyers have reported not being able to get it to work properly.

Wheel Boot

The Denver Police Department made the wheel boot famous by using it to disable the vehicles of drivers committing parking violations. Today, a version of the Denver boot is available for golf carts. For additional security, you can pair the boot with a lockdown anchor that will prevent anyone from moving the golf cart by lifting it off the ground.

Vehicle Security System

If you want to get serious about protecting your golf cart, you may want to invest in a specialized security system, which works very much like a standard car alarm. Most of these systems are activated and deactivated with a key fob.

GPS Trackers

Several GPS tracking devices are now made that work quite well with golf carts. Although a GPS tracker will not stop theft, it will help you locate the golf cart should this eventuality ever occur. One of the most popular trackers is known as Tile. This small device can be attached in an inconspicuous place on the golf cart, and you can then view its location on a map through an app for your mobile phone.

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