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How to Extend Your Golf Cart Battery Lifespan

Golfers often say that their main complaint is slow play. The surprising result of a survey of what makes golfers happy is not the pace of play but course conditions. […]

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What Is My Golf Cart Battery Voltage and Why Does It Matter?

Is there anything better than a day out on the golf course? Not only do you get to hit a few balls around with friends, but you also get to […]

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10 Helpful Tips for Choosing the Best Golf Cart Batteries

Do you love a good game of golf each weekend? Whether you’re new to golf or it’s old hat at this point, it’s all about the love of the game. […]

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Why Is Samsung SDI Increasing Their Investment in the Golf Cart industry?

Samsung predicts game changing growth in the golf cart battery market in the years ahead.

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Lithium Boost Technologies Add Life to GEM and Polaris

Lithium Boost Technologies Inc. today announced the successful installment of its integrated battery system.

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Who Are the Top Seven Vendors in the Global Golf Cart Battery Market

A new report released by Technavio has recognized the top vendors of golf cart batteries in the world.

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Are Lithium-Ion Batteries the New Gasoline?

While at the PGA Merchandise Show, Oakridge made more than $250,000 in sales for its lithium-ion battery system

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Lithium Boost Technologies Granted U.S. Patent

Lithium Boost Technologies was recently granted a patent for components in its golf cart battery charger

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What Is the Future for Golf Cart Batteries?

A new report recently published by Technavio, one of the leading market-research firms in the world, details the future

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Beware of the Hidden Danger in Most Electric Golf Carts

US Fire departments became aware of the danger presented by charging lead-acid batteries

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Lithium Batteries Extend EZ GO RXV Range to 114 Miles

LithiumBoost Plus system helps EZ GO RXV golf cart travel 114 miles at an average speed of 17 mph

What Are the Advantages of Lithium-Ion Batteries

What Are the Advantages of Lithium-Ion Batteries?

Until recently most electric golf carts have been powered by banks of four to eight lead-acid batteries.

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How to Maintain Golf Cart Batteries

Electric golf carts are widely known as low-maintenance vehicles that do not require much attention to keep going.