Are Lithium-Ion Batteries the New Gasoline?

Are Lithium-Ion Batteries the New Gasoline?

Oakridge Global Energy Solutions, Inc. achieved a major milestone at the Orlando PGA Merchandise Show, which is one of the world’s largest and most popular conventions for the golf industry. The latest successes of this rapidly expanding battery manufacturer are making people think twice about whether lithium-ion batteries could ever replace gasoline. Today, many golfers interested in ez go golf cart batteries are turning to lithium-ion technology, and motorcyclists are not far behind. Will the average automobile owner be next to embrace this technology?

Oakridge Garners $20 Million in Commitments

While at the PGA Merchandise Show, Oakridge made more than $250,000 in sales for its lithium-ion battery system developed especially for golf carts, but this is not the real news from the show. Even more spectacular is the fact that the company received commitments for more than $20.5 million worth of these batteries for future purchases.

The specific battery system Oakridge was promoting at the trade show is the Pro Series Lithium-Ion Golf Car System. This system includes a revolutionary new electrochemical design, all-new electronics and innovative safety features, and the end result is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that is practical, cost effective and performs better than all other golf cart batteries for sale today.

About the Pro Series Lithium-Ion Battery System

The Pro Series Lithium-Ion Battery System is one of the top batteries in the world, and it was developed specifically to be used in golf carts, or golf cars, as they are also known. The mission behind the development of the Pro Series is simple: to improve the experience of golfers every time they are on the course. However, these batteries also make it possible to play 18 holes of golf, drive to the market and grab a bite to eat all on a single charge.

Oakridge spent decades developing high-performance batteries for applications that require reliability under pressure, such as unmanned submarines and military vehicles, but the company wanted to expand into the consumer market so that the friends and families of the developers could take advantage of the technology.

The Pro Series batteries from Oakridge can power golf carts for 50 to 60 miles before needing to be recharged, and they are about 300 pounds lighter than traditional lead-acid battery banks. These batteries require no maintenance, are easy to install on any electric golf cart and can be recharged with nearly any existing charger. In addition, they are made in the U.S. and can remain at peak functionality for more than 2,000 cycles.

Benefits of Lithium-Ion Batteries

The use of electric golf cars, electric low-speed vehicles (LSVs) and neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs) reduces our dependency on fossil fuels, a resource that is quickly running short in supply and is a major source of pollution. Golf carts with lithium-ion batteries are quiet and make for enjoyable rounds of golf that are not interrupted by loud combustion engines and noxious exhaust fumes. Oakridge lithium-ion batteries are produced in the U.S., which also reduces dependency on lead-acid batteries imported from China.

“The Pro Series golf and local electric vehicle (EV) batteries continue to be an absolute game changer for the golf and local area EV markets,” said Steve Barber, CEO of Oakridge. “We have spent the past 18 months refining and finalizing this product and are excited to announce that we are beginning production shipments in March.”

Barber continued his statement by promoting the company’s effect on the U.S. manufacturing industry. “We at Oakridge are continuing our mission to bring onshore manufacturing back to the U.S. and will continue to introduce new and exciting products,” Barber said. “As avid golfers, our team at Oakridge is very excited to be shipping this product into the golfing market, and the reception by our customers has been tremendous.”

Oakridge Partners with Global Developers

The final Pro Series Battery System was produced after 18 months of research and development by Oakridge and its partners in Germany and Japan. While most of the overall system was created in the U.S., some components, such as the cell chemistry and electronics, required help from other international technology leaders.

Barber concedes that although Oakridge takes pride in manufacturing its batteries domestically, the company is not afraid to partner with leading researchers to develop the best battery system in the world for the consumer and commercial markets.

“With our Pro Series Battery System, we have now greatly expanded the effective daily range of the golf car and small local electric vehicle, making them a practical reality for immediate application to all aspects of the golfing industry and golfing communities while at the same time providing a much safer, low-maintenance, zero-emissions vehicle by virtue of the more robust chemistry and the battery-management systems we have designed for this product,” concluded Barber.

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