Who Are the Top Seven Vendors in the Global Golf Cart Battery Market

Who Are the Top Seven Vendors in the Global Golf Cart Battery Market

A new report released by Technavio, a leading global research firm, has recognized the top vendors of golf cart batteries in the world.Anyone who is thinking of buying a golf cart or who already owns one can use this insightful information to find the best batteries for a particular lifestyle or location. Technavio predicts that these seven companies will have a large impact on the industry through 2019.

Competition Among Vendors

Although their products are similar, the leading vendors of golf cart batteries are very diverse and highly competitive. However, the top seven golf cart battery manufacturers share two factors in common: They are all headquartered in the United States, and they all offer affordable lead-acid batteries with no frills, special features or extra functions.

Technavio predicts, however, that competition will intensify and the course of the market could alter drastically as the falling price of lead-acid batteries presents new challenges to the leading vendors.

“The golf course industry is seeing a transformation with the use of the latest technologies,” said Vishu Rai, a lead energy-storage analyst at Technavio. “To increase a golfer’s preference and attract new customers, golf clubs are integrating the latest models of golf carts. For instance, the Yamaha Golf-Car Company launched its Drive AC golf cart in January 2015 during the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando.

Following are the top seven golf cart battery vendors to consider when buying a golf cart. They are listed alphabetically rather than by ranking.

Axion Power International

Axion Power International was founded as Tamboril in 2003 after an unusual reverse-acquisition deal with Tamboril Cigar. The company is currently headquartered in New Castle, Pennsylvania. The flagship products of this vendor are a line of uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) branded as SureEnergy. These commercial UPSs are installed in a range of facilities where power losses could cause financial losses, such as banks, data centers, hospitals, factories and emergency centers.

Crown Battery

Crown Battery was originally established in 1926, and the company is headquartered in Fremont, Ohio. Over the past year, Crown Battery has been in the news twice. In January 2015, the company launched two new models of batteries developed to store energy from renewable power generators. The capacity of the batteries at a 20-hour rate ranges from 500 Ah to 2,500 Ah.

East Penn Manufacturing

East Penn Manufacturing has been in business since 1946. The global headquarters of the company is in Lyon Station, Pennsylvania, and its primary manufacturing facility is in Corydon, Iowa. In addition to lead-acid batteries, East Penn manufactures battery cables and other accessories. In July 2015, the company was awarded $25,000 to analyze recycling options that can meet the high demand for hybrid vehicles.

Exide Technologies

Founded in 1888, Exide Technologies is one of the oldest golf cart battery manufacturers in the world. The company is located in Milton, Georgia, and has come to be known as an innovative business that can enhance the performance and utilization of fleet vehicles with a reduction in interruptions. Exide products can be found in 80 nations, and the company operates 33 manufacturing centers in 11 countries.


EnerSys was not established until 2000, but over the past 16 years, the company has emerged as a powerhouse in the golf cart battery market. EnerSys is headquartered in Reading, Pennsylvania, and specializes in the production and distribution of industrial batteries and related equipment, including outdoor enclosures, chargers, and accessories. Currently, the company has about 10,000 customers in more than 100 countries.

Navitas Systems

Established in 2010, Navitas Systems is the youngest of the top seven golf cart battery manufacturers. It is headquartered in Woodridge, Illinois, with a satellite office in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The company designs and manufactures energy storage systems for all sectors, including consumer, commercial, industrial and government. In 2014, Navitas Systems won a $1.55 million contract with the U.S. military.

Trojan Battery

Trojan Battery was founded in Santa Fe Springs, California, in 1925 and is the most recognized company among the top seven battery manufacturers. Trojan specializes in deep-cycle batteries and offers a range of styles, including flooded, AGM and gel batteries that are used in a variety of applications, such as golf carts, utility vehicles, commercial trucks, RVs and renewable-energy systems.

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