Over 8,000 E-Z-GO Golf Carts Recalled

<span class='p-name'>Over 8,000 E-Z-GO Golf Carts Recalled</span>
On June 30, 2015, approximately 8,200 gasoline-powered E-Z-GO golf carts, shuttles and utility vehicles were recalled because of an elevated risk of fire. The eight models affected by this recall include four models of golf carts: the E-Z-GO TXT Fleet, E-Z-GO TXT 2+2, E-Z-GO Freedom TXT and E-Z-GO Valor.
The shuttles that have been recalled are the E-Z-GO Express and Cushman Shuttle while the lone utility vehicle in the recall is the E-Z-GO Terrain.

Gas Tank Leaks Pose Fire Hazard

The recall of EZGO gas golf carts was issued voluntarily by the Augusta, Georgia, company, a division of Textron Inc., after internal research discovered that the gas tanks in the affected models may leak, posing a fire hazard. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (USCPSC), no actual incidents have occurred, no consumer complaints have been issued and no injuries have been reported. The recall was initiated proactively in an attempt to stop incidents before they can happen, protecting the health and safety of the American public.

Identifying Recall Vehicles

All of the recalled golf carts, utility vehicles and shuttles were initially sold between January 2015 and May 2015 by authorized E-Z-GO and Cushman dealers across the U.S. The E-Z-GO Terrain and Cushman Shuttle may be identified by the bench seating for the driver and front passenger and by the cargo bed in the rear. The make and model of each of the vehicles is printed on the front and side panels for easy verification.

If you own or drive any of these models, you are advised to check the vehicle date code, which is printed on a metal plate or glossy label directly below the driver’s seat or seat cushion. The date codes on E-Z-GO and Cushman vehicles consist of a single letter followed by four numbers. The letter corresponds to the month beginning with G for January, but the letter I is not used. The first two digits refer to the day of production while the last two digits are the year. Using the above as a reference, the vehicles will have date codes from G2015 (January 20, 2015) to L0515 (May 5, 2015).

What to Do With Recalled EZ-GO Golf Carts

If you own an E-Z-GO Fleet, E-Z-GO Freedom TXT, E-Z-GO TXT 2+2, E-Z-GO Valor, E-Z-GO Express, E-Z-GO Terrain or Cushman Shuttle manufactured from January 20 to May 5, 2015, you are advised to immediately cease driving or using it any way. However, Textron Inc. has released a statement warning owners that if they have no choice or decide to operate the recalled vehicles against recommendations, then the fuel tank should remain less than half full to reduce the risk of injury.

To have repairs made to a recalled vehicle free of charge, all you have to do is take it to an authorized dealer or service center for E-Z-GO or Cushman. If you cannot locate an authorized dealer near you, you may contact E-Z-GO headquarters directly by calling (844) 725-7212 during regular business hours. You may also contact E-Z-GO and Cushman through their official websites: www.EZGO.com and www.Cushman.com.

Other E-Z-GO Recalls

Even though an 8,200-vehicle recall is quite sizable, it is not the largest in the company’s history. In April 2014, more than 30,000 vehicles, including the Freedom TXT, Shuttle 2+2 TXT, E-Z-GO Express, E-Z-GO Terrain and E-Z-GO Valor, were recalled for having faulty steering wheels. The steering wheels may not have been satisfactorily tightened during production, which could result in decreased handling and loss of control. These vehicles were initially sold from August 2012 to February 2013. One incident and one injury were reported as being caused by this issue.

In 2005, an even larger recall was issued by E-Z-GO in cooperation with the USCPSC. About 60,000 E-Z-GO Fleet, E-Z-GO Freedom and Shuttle 2+2 vehicles were identified as having engines that could run hot, allowing fuel to leak into the air filter, which poses a high risk of fire. This recall was made after 12 fires had been reported, but no one was injured in any of the incidents.

E-Z-GO Safety Tips

E-Z-GO is a world-renowned golf-cart manufacturer that has been in business since 1954. Everyone at E-Z-GO, from executives to technicians, strives to design, build and repair golf carts, low-speed vehicles (LSVs), utility vehicles and shuttles with the safety of passengers and drivers in mind. The company issues recalls timely and proactively when problems are found or a risk of injury is discovered, but drivers are reminded to take safety into their own hands by respecting several rules, including the following:

• Always fully read the owner’s manual and all warning labels before operating any E-Z-GO vehicle.
• Each drivers should hold a valid driver’s license.
• Operate vehicles on public streets only when permitted by state and local law.
• Only operate vehicles when all passengers are safely seated and holding railing or support handles.
• Drive slowly in congested traffic, on wet or unstable terrain, while in reverse and when turning.
• Avoid sudden stops.
• Do not drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

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