5 Types of Businesses That Significantly Benefit From a Golf Cart

5 Types of Businesses That Significantly Benefit From a Golf Cart

If you ever enjoyed golfing in your life, you’ll know how awesome it is to use golf carts. These small electric vehicles are easy to use and simple to maneuver.

The global market for golf carts is expected to go up to $2.5 Billion by 2023. With the fitting of new energy-efficient features like solar power, the demand is going up as the years go by.

If you’re looking to use a golf cart for business, you need to find the right business that can make use of it.

In this guide, we give you the 5 best business types that can use golf carts. We’ll take into account golf cart prices to different golf cart tips for your use. This golf cart buying guide can help push your business and give it the edge you need.

Understanding The Benefits of Golf Carts

Before we delve into the businesses that can make good use of golf carts, we need to learn a few things. Golf carts are a small, compact vehicle that can carry up to two persons. The cart can also carry the golfer’s clubs and some of their gear.

The general design of golf carts is to provide convenient, short distance travel. Because golf courses tend to be far and wide in size, their ease of use comes into play.

There are many different benefits to owning golf carts. With golf cart prices going down, it should not be much of an issue to get a golf cart for business.

So, what are the benefits of owning golf carts?

1. Superior Mobility

One of the stellar points of having golf carts is mobility. Using a car is not always the best solution, especially for short distances. Even then, if you’re disabled, old or don’t want to walk far, having golf carts is useful.

Since golf carts are electric or gas, they’re not expensive to use in short bursts. You can go a few dozen meters or so, stop then use it again. For businesses, can give you or your employees a nice advantage that speeds up movement.

Battery-powered golf carts can use electricity, making them easy to use and operate. With golf carts, you can go on an average of 20 miles before you finish a full charge. In a small compound, this gives you hours upon hours of use.

2. Affordable Maintenance

Whether they’re new or used, golf cart prices are affordable and low cost in general. Unlike a brand new car, brand new golf carts will cost you around a couple of thousand dollars. If you find good as new or used carts, you can get them even cheaper than before.

Parts, upkeep, and general maintenance of a golf cart are cost-effective to a degree. Many of the parts cost around a few dollars, so it shouldn’t give you too many headaches. If ever you need to bring your golf carts to repair technicians, the repairs will cost you less than cars.

If you’re into do-it-yourself work, you’ll see that the DIY community has many golf cart tips. They are handy in taking care of and repairing their golf carts, so you will find an enthusiast somewhere. If you need their service, they even charge for less or even free!

3. Strong Fuel Savings

In matters of fuel savings, golf carts are sustainable and cost-effective. Whether you’re using gas-type golf carts or electric golf carts, you’ll see great fuel economy for sure. Many of the newer golf carts even use solar power, so golf cart prices will even make it more affordable.

If you use golf carts to go around your business, all you need is to charge up your golf carts. You’ll be good to go.

In some areas, golf carts can be street legal too. There are features available that lets you take advantage of its benefits. Sure, you can’t use it on highways and busy roads, but being able to use it in small streets is great.

4. Ease of Use

As we noted, golf carts are super easy to use and operate. With the right supervision, some minors are even able to use it for practice. When you use golf carts, all you need is:

  • turn the keys
  • put your foot on the pedal
  • maneuver the golf carts around

If you have experience driving full-sized vehicles, driving golf carts can be a breeze. They also have great movement and turning.

These vehicles have a nice turning radius. They can squeeze into smaller spots where even a small hatchback can’t go into. This makes it a great vehicle for senior citizens and the whole family.

Golf carts are solid options for both family and business. They’re light, compact and their ease of use is stellar.

Electric vs Gas Golf Carts

Can’t decide over electric vs gas-powered golf carts? Both have their own advantages and their own disadvantages. There’s also the matter of the newer solar-powered golf carts that are emerging in the market.

Pros of Gas Golf Carts

Gas carts will have emissions and they are less of preference in certain areas of the country. Many areas that don’t have a reliable source of power can take advantage of gas golf carts. These can give you the same reliability and power without having to plug it every 20 miles.

Another reason to choose gas golf carts is the electricity itself. You want clean, stable electricity to get free use of electric golf carts. If you’re in areas where all you have is a generator, the surging power can damage your batteries.

Gas golf cart prices are lower in initial cost too. If you don’t have much in funding, gas golf carts are the option for you.

Pros of Electric Golf Carts

Battery-powered golf carts use clean and green power with electricity. Solar-powered golf carts are great options too, using clean energy to power their batteries.

The long-term cost of electric golf carts makes their golf cart prices worth it. By thinking as far as 5 years, you’ll see that your electric golf carts will still be viable options by then. They will last far longer than their gas counterparts.

Electric golf carts have cheaper maintenance and upkeep. If you factor that into your total cost, you will see that they are cheaper in the long run.

Which Businesses Need A Golf Cart?

So, after everything we said, one question remains unanswered. What are the five business types that can take full advantage of golf carts? We have the best options here.

They are:

  • Country and equestrian clubs
  • School campuses and universities
  • Airports and cargo facilities
  • Retirement villages and communities
  • Camps, Parks and Rec Facilities

Why do we know these are the best places to use your golf carts? Here are the many reasons why.

1. Country and Equestrian Clubs

Country and equestrian clubs are the most obvious businesses that can take advantage of golf carts. The allure of country clubs and equestrian clubs is their vastness and the activities you can do in them. The sheer vastness makes them great to traverse with golf carts.

Country clubs will have different activities for their members. Many of the locations within these places spread throughout the area.

Equestrian clubs are almost the same. Many of these clubs will also have massive open spaces to help facilitate horse training. This makes golf carts useful for both the patrons and the staff alike.

What better place to use golf carts than in golf courses, right? This is the type of business most people think of when it comes to a golf cart. They help the players get around large playing fields.

2. Universities and Campuses

Big universities and school campuses will have many different buildings and open fields. If you have staff needing to move around the vicinity, walking can be a problematic issue. This will not only leave your employees tired but make for slower progress too.

This is where golf carts come in good use. Schools and universities can use golf carts to move people to and fro different areas on the campus. If there are older visitors or the disabled, the school can use it to help them move around.

A good use of these vehicles is cargo transport. If you have school materials or heavy gym equipment, you can use golf carts as a cargo service.

3. Airports and Cargo Facilities

Airports tend to be vast and spacious. Moving from one area to another in these places can be a pain. Whether you’re moving passengers or cargo, using electric golf carts is a way to move around.

Golf carts for airports can move the right amount of cargo. They are powerful enough to haul a significant amount. Some golf carts will even have more powerful motors and better tires to compensate for traction.

The best advantage of golf carts is moving around your staff. The ground crew will be more than happy to do their actual jobs if they don’t spend too much time moving.

This becomes especially important for larger airports. They need to transport people and luggage quickly but there’s no time to rely on transport buses and long conveyor belts.

4. Retirement Villages and Communities

Retirement villages and communities are similar to gated subdivisions. Many tend to be a nice, wide area with different housing options for older people. If you facilitate these types of communities, golf cart prices are nothing compared to their sheer value.

Senior citizens and your help staff would need the right transport to move around the area. Golf carts can give you better accessibility options that would make life in the community much easier.

Many seniors and retirees would need golf carts to travel within the community. Some of them will not have the stamina or capability to walk long distances. Your golf carts are something you can use as a unique advantage to pull in more retirees.

For your staff, golf carts underscore the same advantages in other industries. Staff members that don’t have to spend time walking too much can do their jobs better and faster. If you can have custom golf carts that you can use as a dedicated transport, the better.

These golf carts can provide the right medical support to everyone in the community. They can move the cleaning staff faster for better productivity.

5. Camps, Parks and Rec Facilities

Camps, parks, and rec facilities suffer from the same problems that many golf courses have. They are expansive by design, which makes them alluring for people to adventure around in. This is why golf carts in these areas are a great way to move around.

Golf carts will allow you to move your facilitators faster in your camp or rec facility. It can also help pull cargo and allow park supervisors to move quicker. If your parks and rec facilities have wide spaces, using golf carts are the best choices for transport.

Camps would need golf carts to move the right materials in creating courses in the area. Some facilitators would need equipment for use in different outdoor activities. Moving these in limited areas can be an issue, but with golf carts, it shouldn’t be much trouble.

A Golf Cart Can Be A Solid Asset

If you’re a business owner or administrator, a golf cart can be a great asset in your business. Whether it’s for transporting people in short distances or moving materials, these are the best. We’re sure you’d love to have only the best golf carts that can make the job lighter and easier.

Are you looking for the right golf carts for your business? You need the right team that knows the correct golf carts that you can use.

Let us show you the best in the market. Talk to us now and enjoy all the benefits of golf carts for your pleasure.

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