7 Reasons Used Electric Golf Carts Are the Best

7 Reasons Used Electric Golf Carts Are the Best

You’re excited to buy a new golf cart. Whether it’s your first golf cart or you’re looking for a cart to replace your old one, there are many options worth considering.

Where do you start?

A shiny new golf cart is impressive. But saving money is also impressive (and that extra cash in your pocket buys more rounds of golf).

You want the best golf cart for your needs. But, not only do you want a lasting investment that looks nice and runs well. You must consider safety, too.

How do you know if a used cart is better than a new golf cart? Here are five reasons used electric golf carts are the best.

1. Gas vs. Electric

Your first choice is deciding between a gas vs. an electric cart. Why is this important?

It’s a personal preference, but here are a few things worth considering.


An electric golf cart is quieter than a gas cart.

If you are choosing a used cart, older models of used gas golf carts are often noisy.

Staying quiet on the golf course or on the streets of your community is important. Choose a used electric cart for less noise.


An electric golf cart needs less maintenance than a gas cart. This is important when choosing a used cart vs. a new cart.

As golf carts age, more maintenance is required to keep them running well. With an electric cart:

  • No oil changes
  • Fewer components to replace (no belts or spark plugs)
  • Fewer repairs due to fewer moving parts compared to a gas cart
  • No fuel (just battery charging and replacement)

With fewer pieces to break down over time, the best golf cart option is electric.

2. Save Money

With fewer repairs, you’ll save money over time with a used electric golf cart.

You’ll also save money on your initial purchase.

New golf carts, whether gas or electric, can cost thousands more than a used golf cart. And most new carts come only with standard components.

You’ll not only spend more on an out-of-the-box golf cart, but you’ll also spend additional money upgrading things to your personal preference.

3. Someone Else Did the Work

When you choose a used golf cart, you’re getting a cart owned by someone who loved it before you chose it.

These carts often come with upgrades that would not come on a new stock golf cart. Original owners add better tires and other accessories to their cart before moving on to a new cart of their own.

Their work is your gain.

Enjoy more bells and whistles and stay within your budget when choosing a used electric golf cart.

4. More Bang for Your Buck

There are battery options when choosing your electric golf cart.

If you consider only a new golf cart, your budget might only allow for a smaller 36-volt battery. While there are plenty of advantages to a 36v battery golf cart, you might need more power.

Upgrading to a brand new 48-volt battery might be too expensive.

But if you consider a used 48-volt electric golf cart, you’ll find more options in your price range. And quality doesn’t need to suffer when choosing a used golf cart.

5. Better Name for Less

Of the many golf cart manufacturers, the three top brands prove to last the longest. These are Yamaha, Club Car, and EZ-GO.

When brand new, carts made by these manufacturers are often more expensive than other brands.

Search for used carts made by Yamaha, Club Car, and EZ-GO. You’ll save money on a better quality cart. And even a used cart from these manufacturers will hold up for the long haul.

Offbrand carts aren’t bad options. But choosing a top brand gives you a better chance at long-term reliability for your used golf cart.

Do Your Research

No matter the golf cart you choose, do your research. This is especially important when choosing a used golf cart.


The age of your electric cart is important. The age of the battery is important, too.

The body of a golf cart can outlast even the best battery. Be sure to check the age and factor that into the sale price of the used cart before purchasing.

If the battery needs replacing soon, be careful not to spend too much on the cart.


Are you looking at a dealership? Or are you considering a private seller?

Either way, be sure a trusted third-party mechanic does a thorough inspection of the used cart before you complete the purchase.

Dealers often sell “refurbished” carts. But be careful in putting too much trust in that word.

“Refurbish” means to brighten and renovate. This does not necessarily mean “to repair”. And it’s not always an indication of quality.

Even if a seller claims a cart is refurbished, it might not be the best golf cart for you.

Check everything about the used cart before you buy. Look at the tires, take it for a drive, and ask questions about where it’s been and how it’s been used.

Market Price

Make sure the used asking price is reasonable within the market.

It’s hard to factor in the depreciated value of a cart plus any after-market upgrades. But it’s worth saving some money or avoiding a bad deal on a “lemon” cart with some comparison research.

There are no “lemon” laws when it comes to used golf carts. While it’s often a better option than a brand new cart, you do take a risk when buying a used golf cart.

Take the time to check around for carts priced with similar cart options, the year the cart was made, and the brand.

Enjoy Used Electric Golf Carts Options

Choosing from used electric golf carts could give you the golf cart of your dreams.

Search for one with the accessories you want, then do your research to find the best deal from a reputable seller. We can help with golf cart reviews or help you shop from our inventory.

“New” isn’t always better! Used golf carts can be the best golf carts when you consider them as an option.

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