What Are the Different Types of Golf Carts?

<span class='p-name'>What Are the Different Types of Golf Carts?</span>
In the United States, six billion dollars was spent last year on golf equipment, supplies, and apparel for the course. Many of those dollars went to the purchasing of personal golf carts. It may sound like a luxury for only the rich and famous. But owning your own golf cart can be a reality for most players if they know what they’re looking for. There are many different types of golf carts. These range from hand and pull carts, to electric and gas ride-on carts. All of them can suit someone in any price range. Read on to learn more.

Push Carts

No one likes to carry their own bag all through a course, and hiring a caddy isn’t always an option. So what are you supposed to do if the course your playing isn’t friendly to electric or gas golf carts?

Harken back to the era of the pushcarts of course! These affordable models are probably the most popular “golf cart” on the market since they are inexpensive and easy to control.

Most of them have three wheels and are slightly bigger than pull carts. This makes them take up more storage space in your garage, just something to consider.

Pull Carts

Pull carts are two-wheeled models that you can drag behind you. They’re great for young kids and new golfers who don’t yet have a lot of clubs to carry.

Pull carts are lightweight making them super easy to bring to the course and they also are easy to fold and reassemble later so you can save precious space in your garage.

Gas Carts

Gas carts are more powerful than electric because they have engines that are similar to a car’s, rather than running on battery alone.

They are also noisier than electric carts and need steady maintenance the same way you do for your car. That means regular oil changes, tire rotations, and engine upkeep.

But if you play on a large golf course with a lot of space between holes, then there is no beating the speed of a gas cart.

Gas carts aren’t altogether bad for the environment. They actually are equipped with pretty eco-friendly advancements. One such feature is that the engine doesn’t keep running when the ignition is turned to on. Instead, it fires up when you hit the pedal and shuts down when you lift off the weight.

This feature allows you to save gas, reduce your emissions, and makes it less noisy when you go to take a stroke.

Electric Carts

The electric cart is today’s standard ride-on option, and for good reason. They’re quiet on the course, need little maintenance, and save you money on gas and repairs. They use batteries to run an electric motor.

The batteries are charged when you plug the cart into the wall, though some new models on the market have advances like solar panels on the roof.

Electric golf carts have brought the sport to a whole new audience. With the advent of the electric golf cart, people young and old could come together on the course and even those with disabilities didn’t have to be left behind.

They took golf from being a sport reserved for men and turned it into a family activity by making it easier to bring more gear and people along.

Diesel Carts

Diesel carts are similar to gas carts in that they are noisy and create pollution. But they are preferable to some people since they get better gas mileage and can provide more power on the course. This is good if you are going to be going over a lot of hills or traveling long distances.

Diesel carts can be outfitted with the most powerful motors. they can also have their suspension beefed-up. they can even be four-wheel drive. These options give them most of the features of a four-wheeler, except with more space to ride.

Remote Controlled Golf Carts

If a pushcart sounds like a good idea to you, but you aren’t sure if you have the strength to get it up all of the hills at your local course, you should consider buying a remote controlled option. These carts are powered by a battery and need to be charged while they are not in use.

On the course, they can move in any direction with the click of a button allowing you to save all your strength for the game. They’re designed to handle all terrain, so no worries if it gets a little rainy and muddy outside.

New Carts

New golf carts can be pricey, they generally start at about five thousand dollars. But if you buy new, you will be able to choose to pay for just the features that you want.

You will also have the peace of mind of knowing that all of the parts in your cart are new and won’t need a replacement for a while. If you do have a problem, new carts generally come with a warranty to take care of it.

Used Carts

A quality used cart can be found for around two thousand dollars and up. Since the designs haven’t changed that much over the last ten years, there’s a good chance no one will know that you bought a used model.

Try to find a used cart dealer that offers a warranty on those carts as well as the new ones.

Where to Find Different Types of Golf Carts

Now that you’ve had an introduction to the different types of golf carts on the market, you know how to make the right selection for your individual needs.

Now, it’s time to shop. Check out our listings of new and used golf carts and start getting around the course in style today.

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