8 Golf Cart Upgrades that Add Style and Value to Your Ride

8 Golf Cart Upgrades that Add Style and Value to Your Ride

Owning a golf cart is a luxury that’s advanced from a strictly golf-related purchase to one that now has broader uses. Golf carts can be used as multi-purpose vehicles with a lot of applications.

Whether you’re hunting, fishing, camping, or something else outdoors, a golf cart can come in handy. If you’re riding around in a stock vehicle, you should consider a couple of golf cart upgrades that will have you riding in style.

Golf carts can get upgraded, you ask? They certainly can, and we’re here to give you some ideas.

Great Golf Cart Upgrades

We’ll start out with some of the practical options and work our way toward the more luxurious additions.

1. Overhead Covers

Many carts are lacking in coverage from the elements. Even if your cart has a roof, which it probably does, you’re at risk of getting wet in the rain because the vehicle is pretty vulnerable to bad weather.

Consider getting a full-cart cover that you can use while driving. This is going to be a material that’s water resistant and has see-through plastic to cover the window areas of the vehicle.

This way, you’ll be able to take care of business during any season, rain or shine.

2. Rear Seats

Getting a set of rear seats on your cart is one of the most common ways to upgrade the vehicle. It makes sense, too. You double the cart’s capacity in some cases, and it’s a really enjoyable way to ride.

Make sure to find a rear seat option that can be converted into a flatbed. This usually entails flipping the seats over to reveal an area that stores cargo (like bags, tools, etc.). It’s an easy installation, and it will definitely improve your ability to enjoy the cart with loved ones.

3. Seat Belts

Some older models don’t come equipped with seat belts. It may not seem like a necessity, especially if you’re riding primarily on the course. If you’re riding on streets and paths, though, you’ll want to install a couple of seat belts.

This may be more important when you’re riding with small children. Kids are always the first ones to ask for a ride on the golf cart, and they’re the first ones to try and jump off. Save yourself the stress and headache and get a couple of seat belts installed.

4. Upgrade Your Wheels

Golf cart wheels weren’t designed to ride on many surfaces other than grass. They’re easily worn down and broken when you’re using the card for other extra-curricular activities.

If you’re riding on the pavement a lot of the time, consider getting a set of four replacement tires. They’re made for road-use and have been approved by the Department of Transportation in many cases.

It’s not essential, but you’re likely to have to replace the wheels anyway if you’re riding on the road. You might as well get those wheels replaced before they fail you on the road. No one likes to be stranded, especially in a golf cart.

5. Hubcaps

While you’re replacing the wheels, why not bling them out a little bit? There are a number of hubcap options that have been designed for golf cart wheels. You don’t have to make them too flashy–there are definitely options that lean more toward classy than flashy.

That being said, you could go all out and get spinners, chrome, matte black, or something else that will make your cart glamorous.

6. Light System

You can change the head and brake lights of your golf cart. Consider getting LED lights that greatly improve your visibility on the roads. These carts weren’t made to be used at night that much, seeing as night-golf isn’t really a thing.

If you’re interested, you could also set up a stream of different lights on the vehicle itself. Options exist online that are similar to Christmas lights lining the outside of your cart. Everyone will know when you’re rolling down the street.

7. Lift Kits

Have you ever seen a jeep that’s been modified and raised to work better off-road? We’ll imagine that, toned down to golf cart level. You won’t be raised too far off of the ground, just high enough to take your cart off-roading.

You don’t want to be too ambitious–it’s still a golf cart. That being said, it’s recommended to lift your vehicle if you plan to take it anywhere other than golf courses and roads.

You’ll be much less likely to bottom out or get stuck when your frame is lifted and out of the way. A little extra suspension will also do you a lot of good, and most lift kits offer that.

8. Order a Custom Cart

If you’re still in the market for a cart, there are some insane options at your disposal. You can have a cart made to look just like a modern Rolls Royce, Batmobile, Range Rover, or pretty much anything you could imagine.

Some of those options, like the Rolls Royce, are going to cost you a pretty penny. That cart is actually made by Rolls Royce. So, while it has a lot of benefits and accessories, they are reflected in the price.

You’re looking at almost $14,000. That number is on the low end of luxury golf carts. Luxury options like the Garia are designed as luxury vehicles.

Fine leather seats, easy handling, computer technology, and more are all included with the vehicle. You can even custom design your own. Doing so, however, will cost you upwards of $30,000.

Any of That Sound Interesting?

We’ve come a long way from the time when we simply walked from hole to hole. You now have a number of golf cart upgrades at your disposal, and you’ve got no reason not to look into adding them to your vehicle.

If you’re interested in learning more about purchasing golf carts or getting accessories for your cart, check out our blog for more information.

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