What to Consider When Buying Golf Cart Wheels

What to Consider When Buying Golf Cart Wheels

Is it time to replace the tires on your golf cart? This is an inevitability with any vehicle and while you could just get new ones, wouldn’t it be more fun to upgrade?

Upgrading your wheels can help you experience your golf cart like you never thought possible, but then comes the process of choosing ones that are right for you. You have to consider many factors like what terrain you want to drive it on, do you want to save a little money with used ones, or what size tires your cart even takes.

We’re going to discuss these things and more in detail so you’ll be able to figure out what kind of golf cart wheels will suit your needs.

1. Old Vs. New Tires

You’ll save way more money if you buy your tires new rather than going cheap and buying used ones. It’s the same as buying tires for your car.

New tires just last longer and perform better. If you buy used ones you’ll find yourself having to replace them again in a few months. It’s best to save yourself the trouble.

2. What Terrain are You Usually Driving On

If you’re wanting to upgrade your tires then you need to consider what kind of terrain you’re wanting to take this baby on. There are different tires for just about everything honestly.

Turf & Street Tires

Get these if you don’t want too much of an upgrade because most golf carts already come equipped with these. They’re the most common type of tire and are perfect for easily destroyed terrain.

These are the best pick if you just want to use your golf cart to travel around the golf course, or just take an easy ride down your neighborhood.

Knobby Off-Road Tires

Do you like to live dangerously and go on adventure after adventure? Then these off-road golf cart tires are probably what you’ll need for your cart.

These are designed for you to make the trip off-road through the woods, or into the sand and mud. They don’t make for an exactly comfy ride if you want to drive it down your neighborhood so you should mainly get these if you’re the outdoorsy type.

All-Terrain Tires

These are kind of a nice mixture of the off-road golf cart tires, and the turf & street ones. You’ll be able to tackle tougher terrain with them but also be able to take a nice drive around your neighborhood.

If you plan on an adventure and just casual strolling, these are the tires that you want to go with.

Keep in mind that even though they are a nice mixture of the two, you should not take them onto a golf course. They typically aren’t allowed there because while they’re fine on pavement, they can do a number on the grass.

3. What Size Tire Does Your Cart Take

Now that you’ve decided what kind of tires that you want, it’s time to figure out what size that you need. To figure out the size of your tires you obviously want to look at the ones that you currently have on your vehicle.

If you look at the sidewall of your tire, you’ll see numbers etched inside of it. This is going to be your size and ply rating. These are the numbers that you will go by when shopping around for a new tire.

If you can’t find the numbers or just can’t figure out how to read it, then there is no shame in asking a sales representative to help you out.

4. How Fast Do You Want to Go

How fast do you want your cart to go on a normal basis? Most tires are not made for highways. This means that they aren’t exactly built with speed in mind.

There are also rules in some states against using them on public roads anyway. If you do plan to take yours out on a public road then you need to look for ones that are DOT rated. Those are the only ones that will work outside of casually driving on golf course grass, or through the woods.

Before you spring for these though, make sure you check the rules in your state to see if it’s legal for you to use them on the highway.

5. How Much Weight does it Carry

Golf carts aren’t just made to carry people around a golf course, there are some that are made with flatbeds. These are good if you need to haul packages or dirt and soil if you garden. You may also need to carry around multiple people at once.

To this end, you’ll need to make sure that the load capacity of your tires, matches that of your cart. Otherwise, your cart won’t be able to perform the job that you need it to do. Even though golf is in the name, these carts can do many different things.

Getting a New Set of Golf Cart Wheels

Since golf carts have long surpassed just being used for golf courses you should consider upgrading your golf cart wheels. Consider first, what you want out of your cart. How fast do you want to go, how much weight can it carry, what kind of terrain do you want to drive it on, and then start looking for wheel size. Get the most out of your cart!

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