8 Amazing Golf Cart Communities in the United States

8 Amazing Golf Cart Communities in the United States

If you think golf carts are just for the course, think again. There are actually many areas of the U.S. where people rely on golf carts for transportation.

The reasons for using golf carts vary. It can be because they help reduce air pollution, they save on the costs of owning a car, or because they help older residents be more mobile in their neighborhood.

Whatever the reasons, golf carts are actually quite common in several parts of the country. Here’s a look at eight golf cart communities that love using electric vehicles.

1. Sun City, Arizona

Located just outside of Phoenix, Sun City is one of the few American cities that has made golf carts street legal, allowing them to share roads with cars. The law passed in 2014 but has been met with criticism. The influx of carts causes accidents and a lot of frustrated automobile drivers.

Nonetheless, Sun City is a retirement community which is why golf carts are beloved here. They help elderly residents easily navigate the area and provide more years of mobility. The lack of air conditioning in the carts doesn’t seem to deter people from venturing out into the heat.

2. Peachtree City, Georgia

With a decal and a registered cart, residents are free to use the 100 miles of golf cart paths that Peachtree City is famous for. They wind their way through scenic neighborhoods to shopping centers, parks, and public buildings.

Many households have taken advantage of the paths by leaving the car at home and reducing their carbon footprint. Kids love hopping in the back of their parents’ or grandparents’ cart for trips to grab a bite to eat or to visit the park. The city even had charging stations installed so residents can power back up as they make stops within the community.

Many households own two golf carts and children as young as 12 may drive one with adult supervision. Once they turn 15, they can operate one on their own.

3. Palm Desert, California

Palm Desert loves golf carts so much that they’ve held the world’s largest golf cart parade annually for the past 56 years. The city implemented its own Golf Cart Transportation program in 1993 that allows residents to travel to parks, schools, and shopping centers.

Pam Desert’s population is growing rapidly with retirees and empty nesters. The city’s goal is to make golf cart paths more widely accessible to all residents.

4. The Villages, Florida

For those familiar with golf cart communities, The Villages of Florida’s tri-county area is usually the first to come to mind. This is a golf cart lover’s paradise and a 55+ active retirement community that is a lot like stepping into another world. It’s where the quiet hum of the cart rules and actual cars are few and far between.

Everything that one could dream of including shopping, restaurants, entertainment venues, medical care, and more is within a short golf cart ride away. The Villages is comprised of 12 districts that contain more than 4,000 households, all of which use golf carts to get around.

Here, the village’s residents drive with decorum which explains why it’s one of the country’s most popular retirement communities.

5. Laguna Woods Village, California

It’s just under four square miles, but Laguna Woods Village packs a lot into its community. They boast an equestrian center, performing arts theater, tennis courts, and more. This 55+ community in Orange County also depends upon golf carts to get around under the California sunshine.

The village also features its own 27-hole golf course. Residents here have no shortage of activities and clubs to participate in. They get to enjoy it all in the tranquil setting which is free of engine noise.

6. Bald Head Island, North Carolina

When you live on a small island off the coast of North Carolina, it makes sense that you’ll use a golf cart instead of a car as your main mode of transportation. The island is accessible by ferry and is known for its sweeping beaches, luxurious vacation homes, and scenic wedding venues.

In addition to golf carts, bicycles are another popular way to explore the picturesque island. Custom luxury golf carts are available to rent or to purchase but if you plan on visiting the island, be sure to book your rental months in advance.

7. Augusta, Georgia

Augusta already has several retirement communities that love golf carts, but the city is hoping to make them legal for the streets. A new proposed law would allow “personal transportation vehicles” or PTVs to ride on selected downtown streets.

This is part of a long-term plan which the city hopes will bring more tourism to the downtown area. Augusta has several narrow streets that make driving a car tough.

Golf carts are so popular here that E-Z-GO, one of the world’s leading cart manufacturers, has made Augusta the site of its headquarters.

8. Ocean Reef, Florida

This luxurious island playground in the Florida Keys was once a simple fishing camp. Today, it offers everything from water sports to restaurants and has been known to be a haven for a famous person or two.

Golf carts rule at this location. Golf carts rule at this location. It may be the only one in the country that allows children as young as 10 to get behind the wheel of a cart. That is, if they can pass an exam and have an adult passenger with them.

Once they’re 12, they can go for a golf cart driver’s license, proving that it’s not just retirees who know how to have fun driving these vehicles.

Which Golf Cart Communities Would You Live In?

As you can see, golf carts are more popular as a form of transportation off the golf course then most people realize. There are a lot of golf cart communities springing up around the country. It’s easy to see why, considering they’re fairly quiet, easy to maintain, and are environmentally friendly compared to a car.

If you’re interested in learning about more golf cart communities and the latest golf carts for sale, visit us again and read up on our latest blog posts.

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