Gas vs Electric Golf Cart: Which One Should You Buy?

<span class='p-name'>Gas vs Electric Golf Cart: Which One Should You Buy?</span>
If you’re in the market for a golf cart, the first thing you’ll need to consider is what type is best for you. The question of buying a gas vs electric golf cart is up to you in the end. If you don’t have a look over the playing field first, who’s to say which is the best choice for you?

Let’s be fair here. Both have their place in the world.

But you’re here to figure out which is the best for you. Read on! We’ll show you both sides of the debate. So you can make the right choice comes when it’s time to hit the green.

The Benefits of an Electric Cart

Electric carts are pretty cool and they’re what most people think of when they think of a golf cart.

To put it simply: most people are better off with an electric cart no matter what their usage is.

The first thing you’ll notice is that they’re quite a bit cheaper than gasoline carts. They’re also cheaper to run since they don’t have a tank which is held hostage by Big Oil.

The electric motors don’t put off any emissions. Which makes them the only carts which can be used inside where gasoline motors will poison the air.

They’re also pretty much silent running. Which makes them ideal for those who use them for short jaunts while hunting or just don’t want to make a ton of noise while they’re running around.

Lastly, electric golf carts require less maintenance. There are less moving components to break down than when you’re working with the gasoline engine used in gas-powered models.

The Limitations of Battery Powered Carts

Battery powered golf carts have a limited range compared to gasoline models. And it’s not just because you can carry gasoline with you.

Your electric cart needs to be plugged in properly in order to be powered. You can’t exactly hop, skip, and jump somewhere to bring back the power you need to get it home so if you get too adventurous you’re probably going to be pushing it home.

They also lack the sheer horsepower which can be provided by a gasoline cart. That’s not a big deal for golfers. But it can make all the difference for applications like driving on the road or going through rough terrain.

The Benefits of Gasoline Powered Golf Carts

There are a few places where gas golf carts have the edge, however.

The biggest?

Power. Gasoline golf carts climb better, have a higher top end speed, and can pull more weight with them.

The other big advantage is in range. Gasoline powered carts are just able to run much farther on a tank of gas than an electric cart can on a single battery charge.

They’re also easier to refill if you’re using them on longer treks.

And, finally, they can often meet the speed minimums required in locales which allow golf carts on the road.

The Cons of Gasoline Powered Carts

Compared to electric models the biggest disadvantage is just in pricing. Gasoline carts require a lot more parts so they’re naturally much more expensive.

You’ll also need to purchase gasoline to run one, so you’ll at least need to run down to the gas station rather than being able to just plug one into your home or RV’s power line.

They’re also not used often by hunters due to the amount of noise even a 4-stroke, fuel injected model creates. There are much better options for those who are willing to put up with the noise while they’re hunting.

They’re also much harder to find used than electric carts since they tend to break down completely before people are willing to let them go.

Gas vs Electric Golf Cart and You

For most end consumers, electric carts offer the most value. They’re cheaper to run, cheaper to maintain, and they’re quiet running as well.

On the green, all of those come in handy, and more than one hunter finds that their electric golf cart is a welcome companion on the trails.

For putting around town they can be a little bit less useful. However, they aren’t always able to meet the minimum speed requirements to be used on surface roads.

Gasoline powered carts, on the other hand, are best for those who are planning on running on roads or regularly covering some real mileage with their carts.

In the end, the decision is going to come down to what you plan to use your cart for. If you’re unsure then we recommend checking the range of an electric cart vs. gasoline powered one.

And, obviously, if you’re planning on running your cart on surface streets then you’re probably going to want a gasoline-powered model in order to make sure that you’re able to meet the minimum speed requirements to stay safe.

Electric carts may be the best for the majority of people, but don’t count gasoline carts out entirely if you’re willing to pay for one.

Ready to Get Going?

If you’ve figured out which end of the gas vs electric golf cart debate you fall on then it’s time to find a serious cart for your needs.

We’ve got a wide range of them available right here on our website.

Why not check them out and see if you can’t find the model which you’ve been dreaming of?

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