5 Stunning Luxury Golf Carts for Those With Expensive Tastes

5 Stunning Luxury Golf Carts for Those With Expensive Tastes

Are you a lover of the finer things in life? BMW, Chanel, Mercedes Benz, Rolex, Tiffany & Co., Versace, Tesla, Cadillac. Do these brands speak to your lifestyle? Some people are born with good taste. Others might just call it “expensive” taste, but we know that it’s more than that. We call it good taste. But why end your good taste at cars, clothes, and jewelry? Did you know that the world of luxury vehicles extends to golf carts as well? Feast your eyes on these five jaw-dropping luxury golf carts.

1. Escalade Four Seat Golf Cart

In 1902, Henry Leland started a car company that introduced the idea of interchangeable parts to automobiles. That idea was groundbreaking and it revolutionized the car industry. He named his brand Cadillac.

History of Cadillac & the Escalade

His automobile company continued to implement groundbreaking changes to their cars that in turn changed how all cars were made. For example, in 1912, they released the first-ever working car with no crank!

Instead of cranking it to go, the car ignited electronically with a self-starter. It was the very first of its kind! That changed how automobiles were made forever. Can you even imagine now physically cranking your car to get it to move?

Thanks to their many moves to modernize their cars, Leland’s company quickly became the face of luxury automobiles. Today, not many things are considered as sleek and sophisticated as a classic Cadillac.

Cadillac then released their iconic Escalade in 1999. The Escalade combines sleek, attractive luxury with SUV space and utility.

Now they make Escalade versions of golf carts. So you can have the same sleekness, sophistication, history, and prestige in your golf cart too!

The Cart

You may think the golf cart form of a well-known luxury vehicle would have to be the watered-down version. Think again! The Escalade Four Seat golf cart boasts classic Escalade power and performance, while also being electric for your convenience and peace of mind.

It can reach up to 25 mph, still riding smooth and sure. It’s built with 48 volts and a Sevcon computerized controller to ensure power, torque, and range.

It has four roomy seats, two that face front, two that face back. And it even has additional storage space, if you need to haul groceries, supplies, or luggage.

As to be expected with a Cadillac, this cart is equipped with all the modern tech features you could want. Charge your phone and your laptop on demand. Now you never have to worry about running low on battery while out on the green!

Check out this Escalade Four Seater, available now. You won’t be disappointed.

2. Hummer H3 Four Seat Golf Cart

Any diehard Hummer fans out there? If you’re a lover of expensive, luxury, prestigious vehicles then you definitely admire the Hummer. It’s the closest thing to a tank you can get!

History of the Hummer

In 1983, the government commissioned AM General Corporation to make heavy-duty vehicles for the military. AM General created the Humvee. Pictures of the Humvee invading Panama a few years later made it well-known and extremely popular.

It’s no accident that today’s Hummer resembles a tank. In 1992, the original Hummer, the H1, was designed to look and act like a Humvee. The civilian version of a Humvee, that is.

Since then, GM Motors bought out the rights to the Hummer and started making new versions that were smaller, guzzled less gas, and less expensive. Here is a complete list of all Hummer civilian models:

  • H1 (1992)
  • H2 (2003)
  • H3 (2010)
  • H3T (2005)
  • HX or H4 — pictures, specs, and information available but GM never actually released this vehicle. Many Hummer fans are still waiting with fingers crossed that GM will one day release the HX!

GM had bankruptcy issues during the American recession. SUV sales plummeted nationwide. While they still own the rights to the name and make, GM no longer makes Hummers.

Good news for Hummer owners and fans though: the fact that they’re not in production makes them even more valuable! An iconic American brand that’s becoming rarer and rarer!

The Cart

Hummer golf carts are a thing to behold. This one is designed to look and act like the H3. It’s proportions are accurate (the first golf cart of its kind to achieve that!) and even has the iconic Hummer chrome grill!

Four seats and more legroom than you could imagine; your tall friends won’t have a single complaint sitting in any seat. A unique 180-degree tailgate. Like other Hummer vehicles, an extremely customizable experience: personalize the exterior, the interior, the tech features, the colors, add your company’s logo, and even customize your wheels!

If you want a golf cart that sets you apart, the Hummer H3 Four Seater is the one for you. With this kind of quality and prestige, you simply can’t go unnoticed!

3. California Roadster Woody Electric Golf Cart

Vintage. The Great Gatsby. Thriving, classic America. The California Roadster embodies all of these images, vibes, and ideals.

This cart is unique and ingenious because it just looks like a vintage car! You can drive it to the golf course, to the local store, to your community park, or to a neighborhood event and no one would know!


48 volts, Trojan batteries, 17.5 maximum horsepower, and totally electric. Believe it or not, it can travel up to 70 miles on a single charge! That is unprecedented range for its impressive price tag.

Charge your phone or laptop on the 12-volt convertor. Headlights, brake lights, and turn signals keep you safe, seen, and secure.

On top of all that, it’s equipped with four-wheel brakes! If you’re not a regular golf cart driver then you probably don’t know that that’s not the industry standard. A four-wheel brake system really sets the California Roadster apart.

Special Features

The California Roadster Woody Electric golf cart boasts gorgeous dark wood features on the exterior. The interior is beautiful vinyl with matching dash.

You know how most golf carts are dangerously open, ready to be burglarized? Don’t worry, the Roadster is way ahead of you there!

It comes equipped with a huge lockable storage space and lockable glove compartment. Lock up your phone, tablet, wallet, and house keys. No more worrying about your valuables while you’re on the green, in the store, or at your local event.

The only way anyone will be able to tell that this isn’t a car is the golf club attachment. Put your bag into the attachment receiver and stop worrying about it! It holds your clubs in a safe, classy way that you’ll love.

4. 2014 EZGO L6/S6 Express Golf Cart

This is the first cart we’ve come to that actually looks like a golf cart. So if you like the traditional “golf cart” look, check out the 2014 EZGO L6/S6 Express!

This is also the first one that holds six passengers! Transport more friends around the golf course, load up your family for the BBQ down the street, or use all the space for groceries and luggage. Whatever you want the space for, it’s there for you.


Headlights, taillights, brake lights. A quiet, electric 48-volt motor with 2.5 horsepower. As is, it gets up to 16 mph. You can customize that, though, and make it faster!

The tires are made for rugged terrain: hydraulic shock absorbers to minimize bouncing and bumping. Yet, at the same time, you can totally trust them on the green, your own grass, and paved roads.

Special Features

Can we get a loud “amen” for rain enclosures? If you’ve ever been caught in a downpour, a sprinkling, or even just a long gust of wind, you know how valuable rain enclosures are on your golf cart. The 2014 EZGO L6/S6 Express comes with side and rear rain enclosures that you will love.

Fully repairable seats — no more getting one of those terrible splits with fluff spilling out and just leaving it for years! That’ll save you money on replacements and is good for the environment. Black gloss paint matches the black tires, made specially for rugged terrain.

GREEN. Are you looking for an environmentally-friendly golf cart? Look no further.

The seats of the Express are made from 100% recycled material. Plus, like we said, they’re fully repairable. The exterior powder coating keeps the cart from rusting or corroding, so no constant wasteful replacements are required there either.

Zero gasoline necessary! That means zero emissions to the ozone. So say goodbye to past guilty feelings about driving your cart.

This is the ideal family or group golf cart. Sleek looks, nothing flashy, plenty of room, and great safety features. You won’t find another like it for this price!

5. T Sport Four Seat Golf Cart

Looking for an attractive, safe, and versatile four-seater? The T Sport Four Seat golf cart gets the job done reliably while looking and performing great.

Take it to the green, on the green, or around your neighborhood. It gets up to 25 mph while still handling safely and smoothly.


The mission of the T Sport is precision. And it delivers just that.

48 volts, Trojan batteries, Sevcon computerized controller. It even boasts self-adjusting front brakes and a self-adjusting rack for safety and maneuverability.

Along with self-adjusting front brakes come mechanical drum rear brakes. So no need to worry about a crash landing when you get it up to 25 mph, the brakes are high quality and well-tested.

Headlamps, brake lights, and turn signals included. You’ll notice and love the precision, range, and safety of this model. Especially when you’re driving it around golfers, pedestrians, and families.

Special Features

Just because the T Sport looks like a traditional golf cart, don’t make the mistake of assuming it acts like one too! You may be surprised, but this model is equipped with a 12-volt converter so you can charge your phone and laptop.

The exterior make is extremely durable: automotive finish paint, aluminium frame, and plastic body. The interior is sleek and just as durable: strong, sturdy fabric and water-resistant rubber flooring that still looks attractive and fresh.

This model even boasts seat belts! If you’ve been worried about finding a cart that gives you peace of mind when your kids are riding with you, look and worry no further. Four seats, four DOT-approved seat belts.

The T Sport Four Seat golf cart is a Low Speed Vehicle (LSV) at the top of its class. It offers things that other LSVs don’t, which sets it apart and tremendously increases its value.

Sophisticated, Classy, Luxury Golf Carts Are on Your Horizon

Some lucky people–like you–are born with luxurious taste. You enjoy sophistication, classiness, and timeless quality.

You’re probably drawn to gorgeous vintage cars, quality designer clothes, beautiful old homes, sunrise and sunset golf, all the finer things in life. Luxury golf carts fit right into your taste and lifestyle perfectly!

Imagine cruising around your neighborhood in a stunning white Hummer golf cart. Or rolling up to your next hole in a breathtaking black four-seater Escalade cart. It shouts “luxury” in the most classy, sophisticated way.

Do you want to sell your old golf cart to get a newer, better one? Do you not have one at all and want to take the plunge with a luxury cart? Either way, we’ve got what you need!

We’re an in-person golf cart dealership, although you can look at many of our carts online. Contact us with questions, inquiries, to come look around, or for general information! We promise you the royal treatment.

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