Golf Cart Price Guide: How Much Should I Budget For?

Golf Cart Price Guide: How Much Should I Budget For?

If you’re one of the 23 million golfers in the United States, then you will know how much the sport has made an impact since becoming popular in the eighties.

Now you’ve perfected your swing and you’re looking into investing in your own golf cart to make getting around the green a little easier. Knowing what you need to spend to get a decent cart requires some know-how so we’ve got everything you need right here.

Whether you’re looking for a good bargain or a top-of-the-range cart, keep reading our golf cart price guide for your golf cart buyers lesson 101.

Our Golf Cart Price Guide

You can find yourself looking at spending anywhere between around $1500 up to $15,000 for a golf cart, so what should you be allocating for your budget? We’re going to look at what you should pay for used, low to high priced new carts and why you should never go too low.

Used Carts

If you aren’t fussed about getting a brand new cart and you just want a decent ready-to-go cart that will do the trick, then you can shop around for a working used model.

You’ll be looking in the range of $2000-$5000 depending on the brand and model. Not bad for your first-time golf cart at all.

The higher end of these might be discontinued carts that have become rarer over time but don’t be put off going the lower end as you will still be able to find yourself a great cart.

Low Priced

If you would rather get your hands on a brand new cart then you still have lots of choices to consider.

For the lower-priced vehicles, you’re going to be shopping in the $5000 – $7000 range.

For this price point, you can expect the basic set up of two seats and a few simple accessories but you could also add your own if you have the time and energy for a DIY project.

Mid Priced

If you’re pretty sure you’ll be using the cart for the long haul then maybe you’ll invest in the mid to premium price range. Mid-range golf carts will set you back between $7000 – $10,000 but will last you around 10 years or more with sturdy wheels and a strong engine.

You’ll start to see the strength and durability of the models increase as you move up to this price range and your range of accessories improves dramatically. They might include off-road tires, a golf bag holder or maybe a cover. Playing in a rainy state? Then add that much-needed umbrella holder onto your ideal golf cart.

Even if you’re pretty serious about golf, most people need not invest more than the $10,000 limit to get a golf cart that caters to their every need. If you need to do any off-road or yard clearance many at this range have handy storage compartments and are great for multi-purpose usage.

High Priced

We’re heading into the highest tier of the golf cart range now as we look at what a premium price tag will get you.

You’ll be spending between $10,000 and $15,000 and boy will you get your money’s worth. When you’re investing at this highest tier you’re going to get yourself a cart for pretty much any outdoor use you will need. You will have a ton of storage for golf kit, yard equipment, hunting equipment – anything you need. You’ll also have all the accessories you could possibly want.

Most people really don’t need to shop at this cost to get something that gives them everything they need in a cart. However, if you want something luxurious and extremely powerful that can handle whatever you throw at it then this is your range.

How Low Can You Go?

So as we briefly touched on earlier, you can get used carts for a very low price. However, we’d recommend that you not go below $2000 if you’re looking to be using it straight away. If you don’t mind doing work to the cart or if you’re looking for a fixer-upper, then you can more than likely find something cheap. Just be prepared that there will be a lot of work and problems to fix.

Which Factors Affect the Price?

That’s our price guide for the different tiers of golf carts that you might be looking at, but what about once you have selected your price range? Within each of those tiers, there are plenty of different price points and models so what exactly makes one fold cart $7200 and another $9000?

In this section we’re looking at all the factors that affect how much you will pay for your golf cart, starting with the type of engine your cart has.

Engine Type

You have two choices when it comes to engine type: gasoline or electric. In recent years electric has become the industry standard due to its price, longer running time, and lack of pollution.

Gasoline is now rarer, but both engine types have their pros and cons. Gasoline engines give your cart a significantly higher horsepower which makes them a great choice for off-road tasks. However, they do need fuel top-ups and they also contribute to pollution.

Electric is often much cheaper – you could save yourself up to $1000 in some cases. So you’d only want to go for the higher costing gasoline option if you really need the extra power.

Find out more about the different types of golf carts.

Model Year

It’s not quite the same level of difference as with a car, but a new golf cart will cost more than an older version of the same model. You could see the same model but see a $2000 price difference between a 2012 version and a 2014 version. That said, it’s not just down to year but also usage.

So, for example, you might pay more for an older model that has been parked for 6 months per year than a newer model that has more wear and tear from constant use.

Warranty Quality

You won’t necessarily get a warranty with your golf cart although most manufacturers will offer some options for you to consider. It’s worth mentioning that the warranty might not actually affect the cost as some manufacturers offer a warranty free of charge.

Others will offer warranties that could affect the price by up to a couple of hundred dollars. The cost is often linked to the quality of the cart. So, when a manufacturer offers a free warranty, its probably because they think you won’t need to use it before it expires.


So here is where things can get a little more complicated. Remember we talked about accessories and upgrades to your cart? They can influence the cost of your cart substantially.

So what does it cost to upgrade your cart, and which accessories should you be thinking about buying for your vehicle?

Here are just a few of the options:

  • A new paint job for your golf cart could cost you over $200 or more
  • Problem with your headlights? Expect to set aside $100 – $200
  • Fancy upgrading your wheels? If you want to add improved alloy wheels then you can do os for between $500 – 600
  • A typical upgrade choice for golf cart owners are three-sided safety enclosures which you can get for $100 – $300
  • Not content to listen to the beautiful sound of birds chirping as you cruise around the green? Install a DVD player or radio for around $100 – 200
  • If golfing for you is a family affair, then make sure you can get the little ones involved by upgrading your cart with kid-friendly seating. Set aside around $200 – $300 for this upgrade.
  • Ride safe with standard seat belts for your cart that will set you back about $100 or so per pair

As you can see with most things, there is a range of prices depending on the quality of each additional extra you choose.

Golf Cart Example Pricing

So before you can join one of the amazing golf cart communities, you’ll need to know some specific pricing for your shopping. Here are just a few examples of the billion-dollar industry of golf cart manufacturing:

1. Clubcar XRT800 $6,099

Clubcar is renowned for good quality and this is the most basic cart in their offering. It’s your basic offering and you won’t get any luxury trimmings but it’s a fantastic simple cart and even fits in a standard truck bed so you can take it on vacation.

2. Clubcar Carryall 1500 IntelliTach $17,319

Yes, we know that’s one hefty price tag, and this is exactly what we were talking about with the premium tier carts. Even above our standard price range for the best carts around, the Carryall has everything you could need and more.

With a front attachment that lets you use a forklift and other tool accessories we really mean it does it all. With optional 4-person seating and a huge cargo hold, you will definitely catch a few eyes out on the green.

3. E-Z-GO Freedom TXT $6,299

This is another basic cart but a slightly higher standard than the Clubcar XRT. This cart is meant as more of a golf cart than the other options that can be used for off-road or hunting. This will have you cruising round to the country club or your small town but you’ll need something more hardy for off-roading.

4. E-Z-GO Express L6 $11,499

This impressive beauty is a 6-person golf cart with enough power to take you off-road. So whether you want to take your friends on a trip into the woods to hunt or camp or you want to take the whole family to the green, you have it all from the express.

Of course, it’s a higher price point but you’re guaranteed a smooth and stylish ride.

5. Yamaha Drive 2 $6,600 – $7,200

This is at the lower end of the spectrum in terms of golf cart costs and the design is typical of what you might expect at this level. It’s generally got a two-person design, a windscreen, and basic accessories but you won’t be getting any of the bells and whistles of a high-end cart.

6. Polaris GEM E2 $9,800

This space-age looking street-legal vehicle is perfect for a round of golf or driving around campus and you can see why. The design is not that of your typical golf cart and the price range does push it out of many people’s budgets.

It’s multi-purpose and can be used in pretty much any situation and you can recline with your extra legroom, protected from the elements in your fully enclosed vehicle.

7. USED – 2002 E-Z-GO TXT PDS Electric $1950

Right at the start, we told you what to expect at the lowest end of your budget if you’re in the market for a used cart. This little bargain is 16 years old and is exactly what you would expect for that. There are no fancy upgrades and accessories and the car has a simple design, but it is a working golf cart, which is all you need.

Meet You at the 19th Hole?

We hope our golf cart price guide for beginners has helped you figure out exactly what it is that you are looking for in a golf cart. By now you should understand that it’s more complex than you first thought but by selecting the features that really matter to you, you can find the cart that fits within your budget.

Whether it is used or new, basic, or full luxury there is a cart for every price point and every golfer. With almost 17,000 golf courses in the US, it’s time to get your cart ready for the action.

Are you interested in learning more about golf carts? If so, then check out the rest of our articles now.

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