Everything You Need to Know About Club Car’s Onward

Everything You Need to Know About Club Car’s Onward

Club Car has done it again. Their new Onward personal vehicle is a marvel of design and an essential addition to any golf course, planned community, or resort.

But Club Car didn’t do it alone this time. They teamed up with famed NASCAR pit crew chief, Ray Evernham. Ray is a three-time NASCAR champion crew chief and a 2018 NASCAR Hall of Fame inductee. With that kind of pedigree, you know this has to be a good vehicle.

So, what exactly makes the Club Car Onward such a great vehicle? In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know.

The Club Car Onward Isn’t a Golf Cart

Yes, the Club Car Onward looks like a golf cart, and it would have no trouble carrying you for a round of 18. But the Onward is technically a personal transportation vehicle.

A PTV has all the convenience and amenities of a car packed into a vehicle the size of a golf cart. To put it simply, it’s a better golf cart. And the Onward is one of the best PTVs available.

What makes the Onward such a great PTV? Let’s dive into the details and find out.

A Commitment to Safety

When we’re talking about a vehicle that is going to providing transport to you, your friends, and your family, safety comes first. Club Car understands this, and it’s reflected in their design for the Onward.

The Onward includes front-facing LED headlights with a focused field of view. And the front windshield is wind resistant and comes tinted to protect your eyes from glare. You’ll have no trouble seeing what’s in front of you even in the worst of conditions.

Other drivers will be able to see you as well. The Onward comes with reflectors on either side and bright turn signals.

And it’s not just visibility. It’s the little things as well. It comes equipped with grab handles over each of the seats so your passengers will never feel off balance.

Tough as Nails

Like we said, the Onward is no run-of-the-mill golf cart. This is one tough vehicle.

It all starts with its tires, which Club Car designed along with the Kenda tire company. Made from high-quality compounds, the tires are durable and comfortable. You can drive your Onward over rough terrain without wearing the tires down or bruising your backside.

The Onward is also one of the few PTVs with an aluminum frame. This may not sound exciting, but aluminum is uniquely resistant to environmental wear and tear. This simple design decision will dramatically increase the life-span of your Onward.

But just because the Onward is tough, doesn’t mean you have to be tough to ride it.

Cloudlike Comfort

Yes, the tires are cushy, but it’s not just the tires that make the Onward comfortable. The whole vehicle is designed to make sure you don’t notice a single bump.

The suspension system includes motion control components which will absorb any shock that gets past the tires.

And once again, it’s the little things that make the difference. The Onward includes guards over each of its wheels which keep spray from hitting you in the face. And, in case you really want to go offroading, it comes with a front guard to defend you and your passengers against bushes and brush.

Superior Handling

Not only is the Onward practical, but it’s fun to drive. It comes built with a stability bar under the axle which provides extra turn stability.

And thanks to Ray Evernham’s professional design, it handles like a race car.

Extra Features

We hope by now we’ve convinced you that the Onward is a well-made piece of machinery. But the designers at Club Car didn’t stop there. They added a plethora of features that really take the Onward to the next level.

There are little things like an overhead console that’s perfect for easy storage. Or the optional deep storage compartment you can have installed under the seat.

And there are real luxuries like the optional blue tooth speaker that you can have installed above the driver’s seat that turns the Onward from a utility vehicle into a party cart.

Endless Customization

Everything about the Club Car Onward is customizable, so you can ensure that your vehicle suits your exact needs.

You can choose what size Onward you want depending on how many people or supplies you plan to transport. You can choose whether you want the engine to be gas powered or electric powered depending on what you have available in your home. And of course, you can choose what color you want your vehicle to be: tuxedo black, platinum, jade green, pearl blue, or candy apple red.

The choices don’t end there. Just about every feature is customizable from the tires to the speakers. There are plenty of other small accessories you can add.

No matter who you are, there’s a Club Car for you.

Get Your Very Own Club Car Onward Today

We’re obviously big fans of the Club Car Onward, and we’ve shown you why. Club Car and Ray Evernham thought of everything when they designed this PTV. We’re sure you won’t be disappointed.

So how do you get your very own Onward? Head over to our golf cart marketplace. We have all sorts of affordable carts, both used and new.

And if you liked this article, be sure to check out the rest of our great content on our blog.

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