Gas Powered Golf Carts Vs. Electric Golf Carts: What’s the Difference?

Gas Powered Golf Carts Vs. Electric Golf Carts: What’s the Difference?

The course looked magnificent as the sun rose over the crest of the 1st hole.

Ready for another relaxing day of golf, the four good friends started to play. Once they all made a hit they realized they had forgotten to rent a golf cart. They decided that it was time.

They were all going in on a golf cart of their very own. But, it turned out that it wasn’t the easy decision they thought it was going to be.

There were benefits to all the different models. It seemed like the biggest decision would be to go for a gas model or an electric model.

So, they turned to the internet to make their decision. To this very article in fact.

This article will explain all the differences between gas powered golf carts and electric golf carts and the pros and cons of each.

Gas Powered Golf Carts Vs. Electric Golf Carts: What’s the Difference?

Besides having a different operating system what are the real differences between gas powered golf carts and electric golf carts.

What are the benefits of each? What are the drawbacks? Let’s break it all down.

Electric Golf Carts: The Pros

One of the main advantages of an electric golf cart is the serenity you maintain by driving one. As with any electric vehicle, these carts are super quiet compared to their gas-powered competition.

This can be especially helpful on busy golf courses. The worst thing you can do is throw off another players game with a noisy engine.

The environmental impact is also something to consider. Without gas, an electric model won’t have the emissions problem that some older gas golf carts would.

With new models like the Star EV Sirius rocking the electric golf cart genre, it’s a very exciting time. Golf carts are moving into the 21st century and getting tricked out.

Most of the newer models on the scene, at least for golf purposes, are electric.

Electric Golf Carts: The Cons

The only real con to electric golf carts is charging time and battery life. While it’s simple to carry an extra gas can out onto the course you need a charging station to bring these carts back to life.

They also have less towing capability and their power is greatly affected by drag. This is something to consider if you have lots of larger people in your party with a bunch of heavy golf bags.

The cart could be a little slower than usual and use more of a charge when extra weight is added.

There’s also the added repair costs of an electric cart should it break down. While it’s simple to repair the two or four stroke engine of a gas combustion machine, an electric cart contains more technology and needs a professional repair person.

If something should go wrong with the cart, having to take it to a shop adds a lot of money to the final bill.

Gas Powered Golf Carts: The Pros

A big advantage of a gas golf cart is more power. Gas powered engines can go faster for a longer duration than their electric counterparts.

The ability to bring additional power out into the field is another strong advantage. Being stuck on a large golf course is no one’s idea of a good time.

Using this cart for things other than leisure activities is also a pleasure. With the additional power comes the ability to tow larger items. If the machine will typically be used for heavy work a gas powered cart would be the way to go.

Gas Powered Golf Carts: The Cons

Gas powered golf carts have a few disadvantages on their electric competition.

For starters, they can be more expensive than electric. One also must calculate the price of gas on top of an already high sticker price.

The environmental impact of a gas powered machine is also a consideration. Electric carts are getting more and more powerful so the emissions may not be worth it for a little bit more power.

Gas vs Electric Golf Cart: The Final Head To Head

The decision between a gas or electric golf cart has a few things to think about.

What will be the primary use of the cart?

Does one have regular access to charging stations or enough room in the garage to plug it in there?

Will the cart be used on very hilly terrain or tow higher weights and items?

Many would say electric is the hands down winner with it’s smaller carbon footprint and ease of use. One only needs to remember to plug it in and it’s good to go.

Some purists would say gas is the better choice because it’s more reliable, more powerful, and easier to repair.

It All Comes Down To Purpose

When making the decision between electric and gas powered golf carts it all comes down to the purpose of the machine.

Using it as a simple leisure cart to get around an easy course with a couple buddies would make electric the more attractive option. It will get the group where they are going and they are more affordable than gas machines.

If the cart will be used on courses with harder, higher, more hilly terrain, gas could be a better choice. Planning on using it around the farm or large estate to help move construction materials or large hay bales? Gas could be the better choice.

At the end of the day, consider your budget, how the golf cart will be regularly used, who will be riding on it, and what’s important to the purchaser. These are the main things that will determine whether a gas or electric golf cart will be the right decision.

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