Everything You Need to Know About Buying a Golf Cart

Everything You Need to Know About Buying a Golf Cart

Buying a golf cart, whether new or used, is exhilarating.

Not just for carrying golf clubs. You can take them on golf vacations.

Both new and pre-owned golf carts have their own benefits. The important thing is when shopping around for a golf cart, take your time to shop wisely. Especially when shopping online.

Research several golf retailers, spend some time shopping around and ask questions. This helps you decide which golf cart is right for you. A new cart or a pre-owned vehicle.

Both have their advantages. Your personal tastes and preferences will help you make the right choice which golf cart is your best bet.

Here’s what to look for.

1. How to Buy A New Golf Cart

Check the Warranty

If you’re purchasing a new golf cart, check for the best warranty. Warranties can differ, so be sure to compare.

Both golf cart dealer and manufacturers can offer warranties. The warranty protects your purchase in the case your golf cart malfunctions. A warranty is a major benefit of buying new.


Typically, new carts cost more expensive than pre-owned model golf carts. It’s a good rule of thumb to shop around for the best deal. Compare prices between different manufacturers and distributors. A distributor is a retailer.

You can always overpay for a golf cart. To avoid being taken, do your research.

Especially when you’re making a new purchase, you want the best price for a high-quality product.

Asking questions is a good place to start. Also, check online reviews from satisfied and unsatisfied customers. An educated golf shopper is a happy customer.

You can also ask your friends and neighbors who have bought a golf cart to recommend brands, retailers, and new models.

Accessories Made For You

You can choose accessories to your liking when you buy a new golf cart. Perhaps you prefer special features or options that go beyond basic model golf carts.

When buying a new golf cart, this is easy, compared to a pre-owned model that comes ‘as is.’

There’s also comfort in knowing your features are brand spanking new and installed by pros.

New Golf Carts Don’t Have An Accident History

Another benefit of buying a new golf cart is that it comes with no accident history. You’ll know when you drive on the turf, you’ll know your golf cart has a clean title.

It hasn’t been restored from a salvaged vehicle which can happen with used vehicles.

2. Advantages of Buying A Used Golf Cart

Here is the skinny on buying a used golf cart.

Lower Prices

Purchasing a pre-owned golf cart is much less expensive than buying a new one almost always.

This is a real plus for golfers and leisure golf cart riders who want to save money. Used golf carts can cost under $2,000. You’ll be able to put that money in the bank and save it for other activities or investments.

If someone took care of their golf cart and maintained it well, you can get a super deal. Other pre-owned golf carts refurbish golf carts to a like-new condition.

On the course, no one will know the difference!

You can actually buy a used golf cart that rides smoothly for a fraction of the cost of a new golf cart.

Maintenance History

Just because a golf cart has been around a while doesn’t mean it won’t run for a long time. Golf carts that have been running for decades can still last a long time.

Similar to buying a used car or truck, it’s essential to review the maintenance history. You want to know that the vehicle has been well maintained.

Some questions to ask when looking at an electric golf cart are when were the batteries replaced last? Also, ask how the cart was stored when not in use.

Try to learn who the previous owner was. Take an experienced golf cart shopper or golf cart mechanic with you, and by all means, take a test drive!

You’ll want to check for leaks, unusual noises. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about previous ownership and use. A used golf cart probably won’t come with a warranty, so it’s important to learn about when the owner replaced parts.

3. Electric or Gas: Which Is Best?

Electric and gas golf models can both be a good choice. It depends on your personal taste. A myth is that electric golf carts are better than gas carts, but that’s not always the case.

And batteries can be costly. Unlike a car that has one battery, electric golf carts have several.

Gas carts need to have the oil changed and filters, fuel, and belts replaced. Electric golf cart batteries need replacing every couple of years. So the cost equals out.

The Pros and Cons of Electric and Gas Golf Carts

Here are the pros of buying electric and gas golf carts.


  • More convenient- plug in and go
  • Require little maintenance when you charge batteries and maintain your cart regularly
  • Electric golf carts are quieter than gas golf carts
  • They’re more environmentally friendly and don’t emit any carbon emissions which adds to the carbon footprint on the planet

Gas Pros

  • Here are some benefits of gas golf carts.
  • Gas carts run faster.
  • They have more power
  • Easy to refill the tank. Just refuel at a gas station or keep a gallon of gas on hand.
  • Convenience: No waiting time to recharge batteries
  • Faster speeds allow some gas golf carts to be driven on roads, unlike electric models that can’t keep up with the minimum speed limits on streets and roads.

Electric and Gas Golf Cart Cons


  • Doesn’t perform well on hills
  • Difficult to determine how much charge you have left unless you own an onboard charger
  • Takes a long time to charge batteries
  • Less power than gas carts. Hard to get up steep hills and drive on rough terrain


  • Gas golf cart fumes are more harmful to the environment
  • Dangerous to your health to work on the cart in enclosed spaces like garages
  • Gas golf carts make more noise than electric models
  • They require regular oil changes, tune-ups and replace of filters

The Takeaway on Buying A Golf Cart

Whether you prefer a gas golf cart or an electric one, want to use it on the course or take to the streets, you now know a whole lot more about how to shop for a golf cart!

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