Digital Caddies Forms Partnership With Adzzup

Digital Caddies Forms Partnership With Adzzup

Digital Caddies has been making a big splash in the world of golf with its tablet media platform that installs directly into golf carts and connects players to a high-speed wireless network.

This unique tool offers features for both players and golf courses alike, allowing a degree of interaction like never before. Recently, Digital Technologies has partnered with Adzzup, Inc., a prominent firm that has specialized in generating sales for online marketing businesses.

About Digital Caddies

As pioneers in the development of GPS systems for golf cart dealers, Digital Caddies has years of experience in the field. However, the company decided to take advantage of all the new technology available today by designing a robust golf-course management system that is based in the cloud and runs on tablet computers.

This system has several functions, and it was made to provide benefits to all of the parties involved, including Digital Caddies, the golf courses that purchase the system, the golfers who use it and companies, such as golf cart dealers, that advertise through it.

Positioning for Growth

Only the week before, Digital Caddies announced that it is securely positioned for profitable growth. In the past year, the company hit several major milestones, including all of the following:

  • Agreements with major creditors were finalized.
  • A partnership was formed with Sprint Communications, giving the telecom giant a 19 percent stake.
  • The software was optimized for efficiency.

However, two of the most significant accomplishments of Digital Caddies were implementing a cutting-edge ad-serving platform, and initiating a successful program for advertising sales. Currently, the company is selling ads for about 1,000 units installed in 10 golf courses, and several more deals are already in the pipeline.

“Over the last year, we have accomplished many tasks that now correctly position the company to be able to grow,” said Brad Nightingale, CEO of Digital Caddies. “Now that we have proven that local ad sales can quickly generate a profit for every course we install, the time for execution is now. And with thousands of tablets and related equipment already on hand, the path to profits is clearer than it has ever been for our company.”

Local Advertising Program

It was only in January when Digital Caddies launched its local advertising program to provide golf courses with a new stream of revenue, and the new tablet platform allows for a broad range of options that had not been available in the past.

Local advertising is highly prized because the rates are some of the highest that can be earned by golf courses. Also, local ads allow Digital Caddies to pre-sell contracts before the system is installed, which will provide an instant revenue stream for golf courses, golf cart dealers and anyone with a fleet of golf carts.

Another great feature about this advertising platform is that additional revenue can be generated by selling more advertising or referring advertisers to Digital Caddies. With this next-generation marketing platform, it is possible to earn thousands of dollars in profit while offering customers services and tools to make their golf games as enjoyable as possible.

After only four months, Digital Caddies announced that its initial advertising sales had surpassed all expectations, validating the high demand for this innovative type of marketing. This large volume of sales allowed the company to continue to expand into new locations and place trained representatives in targeted regions of the U.S.

Strategic Partnerships

Digital Caddies has been in negotiations to form several partnerships with advertising agencies and sales organizations, and Adzupp is one of the most prominent. According to Nightingale, his executive team has long known that several advertising agencies would be interested in the audience his platform offers them because golfers are an extremely coveted demographic.

In the U.S., there are 29 million golfers, and 90 percent of these golfers use the Internet regularly. Also, the average income for a golfer is $85,960, and 73 percent have a net worth of $100,000 or more.

This marketing partnership is not hindered by cross-country distances because both Digital Caddies and Addzup are based in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area of Arizona. So, the two can work together and collaborate freely without the obstacles facing many other partnerships.

Founded in 2008, Addzup has grown into one of the most respectable marketing consultancies and sales organizations in the business and has served more than 10,000 clients in the U.S. and Canada. The company’s primary focus is to help other businesses find success in the online marketing industry.

Nightingale stated that several new advertisers had been acquired, proving that the partnership has already been fruitful. However, Addzup is also set to benefit.

“Digital Caddies provides us an excellent addition to the products and services we already offer to thousands of clients across the country,” said Jeff Hosek, CEO of Adzzup. “Its unique advertising opportunity for small and medium-sized businesses allows our organization to target a new segment of the marketplace that caters to the affluent, driving significant revenue growth for both our companies.”

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