Has Garia Just Launched a Mercedes-Benz Style Golf Car?

Has Garia Just Launched a Mercedes-Benz Style Golf Car?

Mercedes-Benz design has been slowly making its way into all types of transportation, including RVs, boats, and personal jets, but the latest type of vehicle to incorporate this remarkable design is a Garia golf cart.
The Mercedes-Benz Style Garia Golf Car is being touted as a real sports car, and looking at its design and performance specs, it ‘s hard to argue the claim.

The new crossover vehicle from Garia perfectly blends the features of a custom golf cart with those of a modern sports car, incorporating the unmistakable Mercedes-Benz design that has made the brand a household name around the world. This unique mode of transportation has already redefined what a golf cart is by expanding the boundaries within its classification.

The Mercedes-Benz Style Garia offers a new option for golfers who want the finest in modern luxury, and the legendary design fits perfectly with the landscaping and personalities that are common at private golf clubs and public courses alike.

“With the Mercedes-Benz Style Edition Garia Golf Car, we are offering a high-end golf cart that is unique and was specifically developed for sporting golfers and the sport they enjoy,” said Dr. Jens Thiemer, vice president of marketing for Mercedes-Benz.

Evolutionary Advancement in Golf Carts

Three years ago, the executives at Mercedes-Benz realized that golf carts had changed very little over the last several decades. Unlike traditional automobiles, they have hardly evolved at all since they were first invented. In fact, during this same period, the sport of golf itself has evolved more than the golf cart. Golf is now a premium sport with a unique take on sophistication, luxury, and leisure.

To address this lack of evolution, Mercedes-Benz issued a call to fans of golf and automobiles for their best ideas for a modern yet futuristic golf cart. By incorporating state-of-the-art technology into the design, such a cart could be tailored to meet the needs and desires of today’s golfer.

After fans had submitted their ideas in this worldwide competition, they were evaluated by the Mercedes-Benz Style designers, who are tasked with bringing the brand’s style to products other than automobiles. The working plans were then handed off to Garia, one of the world’s most renowned golf cart manufacturers. The business model behind this new golf cart, however, was developed by Daimler’s business innovation team, the Think & Act Tank.

“We brought all the relevant project partners around a table – our designers and the golf cart manufacturer Garia, who in a possible pilot stage to come will be responsible for sales, production, and development,” said Susanne Hahn, head of Daimler’s Think & Act Tank. “We will manage and coordinate the various pilot phases with the in-house and external partners.”

Hot and Cool Is the Goal

One overriding principle drives the designers at Mercedes-Benz; that they put forth in the form of an idiom: “to create beautiful and intelligent products that are hot and cool.” It is this principle that is responsible for making Mercedes-Benz synonymous with modern luxury.

While the new golf cart was still in the first conceptual phase, several characteristics and features that are considered indispensable on the golf course were included. Among these functions is the form factor. The Mercedes-Benz Style Garia had to have a reduced width and length compared to standard cars, but it also had to sit higher. Also, the front and rear body panels had to be compacted into a snub-nosed design to increase interior space.

On the show floor, it is immediately noticeable how different the Mercedes-Benz Style Edition Garia is from other golf carts. It stands out from the crowd and breaks all the rules of this class of vehicle. The two passengers sit behind an elegantly curved windscreen that dominates the front of the car. The carbon-fiber roof and supports are colored differently than the rest of the body, providing a degree of contrast and whimsy with a top that looks surprisingly like a ball cap. The greatest effect this has, however, is that it gives the car a sporty look by creating the illusion that it is low to the ground.

The rear of the vehicle includes a rear spoiler for aerodynamics and aesthetics, but its primary function is to hold two full-size golf bags while integrating them into the golf cart’s overall design. This is accomplished by slanting the bags outward from the top rather than having them hang vertically or be stacked horizontally. This also makes it convenient to select clubs and remove them from the bag without any obstructions.

Other practical and intelligent design features that make the Mercedes-Benz Style Garia a golf cart ahead of its time include an under-seat refrigerator and a storage tray under the dashboard for golf balls, and bottle holders are provided for both the passenger and driver. Garia did its part by designing the control pedals on the floor. The accelerator is in the form of a plus sign while the brake is a minus sign to reduce any confusion.

High Quality Materials and Technology

The Mercedes-Benz Style Garia Golf Car includes some amazing technology that is only now making its way onto golf courses. The dashboard includes a touchpad screen that measures 10.1 inches and has a resolution of 2,560 pixels by 1,600 pixels. The screen displays graphically enhanced information about the vehicle in the upper area, and it can also be used to control a variety of functions, including the headlights, windscreen wipers, windshield heater and driving-mode selector.

The layout of the golf course, the vehicle’s current position, and the players’ scores are displayed under the information portion of the screen, and Bluetooth capability allows passengers to make full use of the integrated high-fidelity speakers by listening to music stored on a personal smartphone. The system also includes a weather app, and it can be used to order food and beverages from the clubhouse.

For comfort and appeal, the lower interior of the golf cart is lined in leather while the upper portion is a mix of carbon fiber and natural wood highlights. Also, a few metallic features provide some shimmer and sparkle. The steering wheel is lined in white leather, and its lower section includes a metal clasp in a color called Silvershadow.

Every detail of the Mercedes-Benz Style Edition Garia was painstakingly crafted from scratch, and it is a show of the designer’s skill that they are all completely in harmony at all angles. The only thing more incredible is that the car has been approved for road use in many countries. It can carry a payload of 460 kilograms, has a top speed of 30 km/h, a maximum range of 80 kilometers and a six-hour charge time.


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