Who is the World’s Largest Manufacturer of Golf Carts?

Who is the World’s Largest Manufacturer of Golf Carts?

Over the past two decades, the number of golf cart and low-speed electric vehicle manufacturers has increased dramatically. To cope with the demand for low-emission vehicles even the big names have been expanding their operations. But there has been confusion over which factories are actually the largest. In fact both EZ-GO and Club Car claim they are ‘the largest manufacturer of golf carts in the world’. Whilst most factories are secretive as to the number of vehicles produced annually, there is some evidence to suggest these claims may not be one hundred percent accurate.

Those companies in the United States that are more established may have better brand awareness, and may have greater circulation in more countries, but are they actually the biggest? We found that many of these factories are much smaller than the newer plants in China, especially when it comes to factory size, production volume and the number of employees. Most Chinese businesses are so busy satisfying demand within their own country they do not even bother to source distributors outside China.

To be able to lay to rest all the speculation, we decided to research the biggest names in the industry to find out which company can actually substantiate the claim that they are the biggest. The answer may surprise you.

Below is a list of the ten largest manufacturers of golf carts and neighborhood electric vehicles sorted by factory size.

Number One

Yamaha has been headquartered in Cypress California since its inception in 1976. In 2011 the Yamaha Motor Corporation USA was transferring the majority of its manufacturing to a new state of the art facility at Newnan, Georgia. The 1.3 million square foot factory (120,000 square metres) employs nearly fifteen hundred people. Although it is not only making golf carts, the factory also makes personal watercraft and all-terrain vehicles. The factory has produced in excess of three million vehicles. In 2018 the company was responsible for the largest recall of golf carts in history.

Number Two

Established in 1954, EZ-GO is owned by Texron, which began as a small New England business in 1923. EZ-GO is the longest running manufacturer of golf carts in the world.  Texron has since grown into a thirteen billion dollar company, employing 35,000 people in more than 25 countries. EZ-GO produces a number of well-known brands including Bad Boy, Cushman and TUG. EZ-GO occupies the largest golf cart factory premises in the United States; the 61,687 square metre factory is located at 1451 Marvin Griffin Road, Augusta, GEORGIA 30906. EZ-GO manufacture a range of electric and gas golf carts, ATV’s and specialized vehicles which are distributed in approximately one hundred and thirty-eight countries.

Number Three

Founded in 2006, Xiamen Dalle Electric Car Co., Ltd. which manufactures HDK Electric Vehicles is located in the XinYang industrial area of XiaMen. (XiaMen is a coastal city situated approximately a one-hour flight north of Hong Kong). The factory area is 60,000 Square Metres. HDK has the capability of producing around 30,000 electric vehicles per year, the majority of which are sold in the United States through HDK Electric Vehicles in North America which has their Headquarters in Houston, Texas.

Number Four

Polaris Industries situated in Medina, Minnesota, is a manufacturer of all-terrain vehicles, snowmobiles, and low-speed electric vehicles based in the United States of America. Polaris announced on January 9th, 2015, that it would be opening a six hundred thousand square foot (55,741 square meters) facility at Huntsville, Alabama which would employ around seventeen hundred workers. The factory was built at the cost of one hundred and forty-two million dollars and opened as planned in July 2016. While Polaris is not dedicated to making only golf carts; it does own GEM (Global Electric Motors), which is one of the better selling brands worldwide.

Number Five

Guangdong Lvtong New Energy Electric Vehicle Technology Co., LTD. Founded in 2004, Lvtong is situated in the Hexi Industry Park, Guandong Province, China. With a factory area of more than 50,000 square meters, its capacity is about 2,000 units per month. LVTong is OEM manufacturers of E-Car which is a popular brand in Australia.

Number Six

Club Car is undoubtedly the world’s most recognized name in golf carts and is situated at 1151 N Keller Rd, Orlando, Florida 32810. Club Car was founded in 1958 making it the second longest running manufacturer of golf carts. The company was purchased in 1978 by former executives of EZ-GO.  A division of the Ingersoll-Rand Corporation, Club Car has the world’s largest dealer network with six hundred dealers throughout the world. Club Car occupies a four hundred thousand square foot facility (37,161 square meters). Whilst it is probable that Club Car sells more golf carts than any other brand in the USA, the exact vehicle numbers are not available.

Number Seven

Founded in 1999, Suzhou Eagle Electric Vehicle Manufacturing Co. Ltd. (Eagle EV) has a factory area of 30,000 square meters and employs more than six hundred workers. Eagle EV has a monthly production capacity of 1,500 vehicles. The company holds a production license for electric vehicles by the Supervision Bureau of Quality and Technology of China.

Number Eight

Columbia Parcar, part of the Nordic Group of Companies, was founded in 1999. Their factory at 2505 Industrial St, Leesburg, FL 34748 consists of approximately sixty-thousand square feet (5,575 square meters).

In April 2015 Columbia Parcar acquired assets of Tomberlin which went into bankruptcy in 2014. Tomberlin was believed to be the third largest manufacturer in the world. However, Tomberlin was previously manufactured in China. Parcar completed the acquisition of Tomberlin’s assets in February 2016, with production due to commence in 2017.

On September 8, 2016, Columbia Parcar signed an agreement with Wells Fargo Commercial Distribution Finance to assist with the establishment and finance of a dealer network throughout the United States.

Number Nine

Garia Inc. Garia enjoys a reputation for manufacturing the finest golf carts in the marketplace. They are also the most expensive! The top of the range Garia golf car will set you back more than an E-Class Mercedes Benz. And it’s no wonder! Garia are manufactured in the same factory that build Mercedes Benz and Porsche in Finland. Garia golf cars are assembled at the Valmet Automotive factory, which employs over five thousand people. Garia’s chassis are assembled using aluminium components from the same factory that supplies Aston Martin, Jaguar and Volvo. The drive-train is sourced from the factory atet supplies Ducati. The vehicles feature four-wheel disc brakes and Mercedes-Benz style inspired design. Whilst the factory doesn’t just manufacture golf carts, it has produced more than 1.2 million vehicles and has a factory area of 90,000 square metres.

Number Ten

Electric Vehicles (Thailand) Co.Ltd. Or EVT was created by a team of Thai business associates who intended to take action to help preserve the local environment by introducing low-emission electric vehicles to replace traditional automobiles. The company’s factory located in Bangkok, Thailand occupies approximately 5,000 square meters, and it claims the company employs less than fifty people.

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