Pimp Your Ride: The 8 Best DIY Golf Cart Modifications

Pimp Your Ride: The 8 Best DIY Golf Cart Modifications

Did you know there are some towns where people almost exclusively drive golf carts instead of cars?

The Villages in Florida is one such location, where residents drive their golf carts to the grocery store or doctor’s office. There’s also the Illinois town of Manteno, which allows residents to use golf carts on all local roads.

As you might expect, residents in these communities enjoy making golf cart modifications to set their “wheels” apart. But no matter where you live or where you drive your golf cart, few things are as fun as personalizing your cart.

Curious about what others have done? Here are eight awesome golf cart mods to inspire you.

1. Install Extra Seats

What’s more fun than golfing alone? Golfing with friends!

A standard golf cart carries two passengers, but why not double the fun by adding a pair of rear-facing seats? You can buy a kit to install rear-facing seats with comfortable backs and a safety bar (so no one tumbles off).

Do you often haul items in your golf cart? Why not increase its carrying capacity by installing rear seats that fold down? This will give you a larger carrying area to work with.

2. Install Fun Lighting

Do you enjoy taking your cart down shady, wooded paths? Would you like to be able to take it out for a night ride?

To make your golf cart more versatile (and visible), you could install front headlights or rear brake lights. This makes it easier for you to see what’s around and just as important for others to see you too.

It doesn’t have to end there either. For added fun, why not install a dome light or colorful LED lights around the roof? If you do, you’re guaranteed to have the coolest cart on the course!

3. Jack It Up

Would you like to take your golf cart off-roading? Or would you like to give it a more rugged appearance?

If you answered yes, it’s time to head out and get a lift kit. Lifting your cart even two to six inches will dramatically improve your driving experience. It will also open the way to unexplored areas off the beaten trail.

For bonus points, install a set of off-road tires on your newly lifted cart. Who needs an ATV?

4. Winterize Your Golf Cart

Do you live in an area with four seasons? Don’t lock up your golf cart for the winter; make it winterproof instead.

Protect yourself from cold wind or snow by installing a plastic or cloth enclosure around the seats. A pair of cart-sized windshield wipers can clear away any sleet or mud, while a heater is sure to keep you toasty no matter what the weather’s like.

Want to take it even farther? Install a snow plow on the front of your golf cart. Then upload a video of yourself using it to clear your driveway. It’s sure to be an internet sensation!

5. Add Fenders or Mud Flaps

We’ve talked a lot about weatherizing and off-roading, so let’s discuss another practical step to include.

All that fun you’re going to have tearing up the backroads is sure to kick up some dirt, mud, and debris. Keep your cart (and yourself) clean by installing a set of mud flaps or fenders.

These will deflect the majority of the stuff your cart splashes up, keeping you and your passengers clean and dry.

6. Turn up the Volume

Ready to pimp up your cart to a whole other level? No modified golf cart would be complete with a booming sound system!

Your best bet is to install a set of Bluetooth speakers. Look for a kit that’s waterproof so you don’t have to worry about the weather. It’s also a good idea to install a phone mount so it doesn’t bounce out while you drive.

Your last step is to hook up the Bluetooth and cue up your favorite playlist. Keep the volume low while you’re on the course so you don’t disturb other players. But if you’re cruising around the neighborhood or the woods behind your house, turn it up as loud as you like!

7. Upgrade Your Battery

If yours is a standard golf cart, it likely is equipped with a 36V battery. This allows you to cruise around at 12 to 14 MPH.

What if you feel the need for more speed? Switching out your 36V battery for a 48V can increase your cart’s speed to 20 MPH.

You won’t exactly qualify for the Daytona 500, but the little extra boost of speed will add to your enjoyment.

8. Pick a Theme

Most of the golf cart modifications we’ve discussed so far have been more practical than fanciful.

What if you have in mind to do something totally wild and turn your cart into a one-of-a-kind ride? Here are some fun ideas to get you started.

Do you have a favorite car or truck? Why not modify your cart to resemble a Hummer, a semi-truck, or a hot-rod Camaro? All it takes is a custom paint job and a few modifications to the body.

You could also experiment with “converting” your cart into something that resembles a fire truck, an airplane, or your favorite animal. We’ve also seen some fun designs based off of a favorite sports team.

If you’ve got the time and money, you could even convert it into a Flintstones-inspired cart. But don’t worry! You won’t have to power it with your feet!

Which Golf Cart Modifications Will You Try?

So, which of these golf cart modifications jumped out at you?

Whether it’s LED lighting, a sound system, or a hot-rod makeover, any of these golf cart mods are sure to make you smile.

Looking for more tips and news about your favorite recreational vehicle? Check out our blog about all things golf carts.

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