EZGO Showcases Redesigned RXV & New Hospitality Vehicle

EZGO Showcases Redesigned RXV & New Hospitality Vehicle

At the 2016 Golf Industry Show held in San Diego, California, February 6 to February 11, EZGO made a huge splash by unveiling several new models, some of which are brand new while others are redesigns.
No matter whether you are interested in an EZGO electric golf cart or a gasoline golf cart, the all-new RXV has options for either.

However, the RXV is only one of two models that had heads turning at the show. The other is not exactly an EZGO but, rather, a Cushman vehicle. Both brands are manufactured by the same parent company, Textron, but EZGO focuses on golf carts and neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs) while Cushman covers utility and hospitality vehicles.

EZGO and Cushman: Smart Design

From Booth 3340 at the Golf Industry Show, EZGO and Cushman showed golf-course managers, hospitality superintendents and other commercial and industrial representatives how Textron has incorporated smart design into its latest models. The primary goal of smart design is to provide a superior driving experience with a savings in cost.

One of the smart solutions that received a great deal of attention was the patented IntelliBrake system, which is available on any new EZGO electric golf cart. Even though the EZGO presenters had already captured the attention of everyone who came by the booth, they engaged show attendees further by offering an interactive game called Intelligence That Pays. Winners received a multi-port USB charger perfect for golf carts and were entered into a drawing for a $1,000 grand prize.

“EZGO and Cushman have been trusted names in the golf-course industry for more than 60 years,” said Kevin Holleran, president of EZGO and Textron Specialized Vehicles Inc. “We’re proud to continue our legacy of next-generation efficiency and reliability with the enhanced EZGO RXV golf car and Cushman Refresher Oasis hospitality vehicle.”

Next-Generation EZGO RXV

The new EZGO RXV is slated to go on sale later this year in North America, Europe and the Middle East, and the new design once again proves the brand is one of the leading innovators in the industry. It’s been 10 years since the RXV was introduced, and very few people since that time believed it could ever be improved.

Because it was so close to perfection as it was, the new model includes most of the features that made the vehicle a smashing success on golf courses around the world with a few additional features made possible through the latest technological advances.

One of the features that made the original RXV so popular was its unique AutoBrake system, but that has now been replaced with the state-of-the-art IntelliBrake system, which merges two new technologies with a few old but reliable technologies. The first of the new features is an automatic motor brake that kicks in when the golf cart is traveling up steep hills or down steep slopes, and the second is a parking brake that automatically engages whenever the RXV comes to a complete stop.

Combined with these is a regenerative braking system that charges the batteries each time the brakes are used, which improves efficiency by extending the vehicle’s range. This system stands above those in competitive models, however, because it creates at least 21 percent more electricity than any other fleet golf cart.

Another great achievement of the EZGO RXV is its new AC-drive motor, which is 25 percent more efficient than traditional DC electric motors. The AC motor provides not only energy efficiency but also consistent, reliable speed. The vehicle has unprecedented acceleration, and it maintains 97 percent of its level-ground speed when going uphill.

“The RXV has proven its reliability to golf facilities around the globe by demonstrating superior operational efficiency through its AC drive and IntelliBrake technology,” said the corporate accounts manager of Ransomes Jacobsen, one of the largest affiliates of EZGO in Europe. “In this next-generation vehicle, we’ve incorporated feedback from our customers to develop an improved RXV that capitalizes on its performance with a host of upgraded features that enhance the golfer experience.”

Cushman Refresher Oasis

EZGO also introduced a new hospitality vehicle at the Golf Industry Show: the Cushman Refresher Oasis. This UTV was designed for golf courses and other recreational facilities to increase revenue through the sale of refreshments and merchandise. The Refresher Oasis carries four beverage coolers with a total capacity of 500 12-ounce cans. It also has a 12.1-square-foot counter that wraps around the vehicle and 6.7-cubic-foot cabinet for dry goods or merchandise.

In addition to the RXV and Refresher Oasis, EZGO also revealed the TKV GPS, its new integrated fleet-management system. The TKV GPS monitors the health of fleet cars and permits real-time communication between golfers and the clubhouse.

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