Is The Eli Zero The Ultimate NEV For Every Household?

Is The Eli Zero The Ultimate NEV For Every Household?

The sharply designed Eli Zero certainly looks the part, but is it the practical NEV your household needs? Co-headquartered in Long Beach, California and Beijing, China, Eli Electric have been turning heads with their impressive new concept – the Eli Zero – and its spec sheet certainly looks up to scratch.

We will still be waiting a few months before the Eli Zero hits the streets – it’s earliest deliveries are slated for December 2018 – but the team at Golf Carts for Sale decided to take a look at this nifty little electric vehicle in more detail. The Zero is advertised as “The Only NEV for every household”, and we wanted to find out if this was the case.

So what does the Zero offer to the neighbourhood electric vehicle – or NEV – market? Let’s examine some of its key features.

Eli Zero Performance

Performance is always a primary concern for buyers of neighbourhood electric vehicles. While buyers are not expecting to be able to pack all their belongings in the back and head out on a jaunt across the country; they are hoping to be able to zip around the local area without the vehicle sputtering to a halt after a few miles, or costing an extortionate amount of money each month.

With a top speed of up to 40 kilometres per hour, the Zero is going to give you plenty of pace for local urban and suburban driving. Meanwhile, an impressive maximum range of over 135 miles is more than enough to handle your daily errands.

This is provided by Eli’s native developed AC Asynchronous motor, as well as the custom-built Toyota control unit which guides the powertrain. Two models of the Zero will be available, and the quoted top speed and range data are for the top level version. We are still waiting for information on the base model, but we expect it to be similarly impressive.

Eli Zero Convenience

Neighbourhood electric vehicles are judged by their convenience at the end of the day, so it is vital that Eli’s Zero be able to handle business in this department. The ability to complete a full charge from any mains electricity outlet, using only the adaptor which comes with the vehicle, is a major plus point for convenience. This falls to only 4.5 hours at electric vehicle charging stations, which continue to be rolled out across America.

Other features such as advanced cruise control only add to this, making the Zero a nifty vehicle for local journeys around the neighbourhood. Once a touch button starting mechanism and brake and energy recovery systems are factored in, it becomes evident that the Zero is going to be more than a match for the competition in the convenience stakes.

Smart Features

Modern vehicles need to have enough digital smarts to meet the needs and expectations of today’s driver. Of course, Eli’s flagship vehicle does not disappoint.

Although the Zero is not fitted with the sorts of features drivers might hope for from larger, more traditional vehicles, the svelte model is still equipped with the following: Bluetooth connectivity, ergonomically designed AC controls, smart door closing mechanisms, driver proximity detection and analysis, and LED headlights These features will give you everything you need when navigating your local area.


Along with convenience, practicality is at the heart of all of the best NEVs. Eli’s development team are aware of this, as reflected by the Zero’s super-light, ultra-nimble aluminium body frame – which also helps to reduce the vehicle’s carbon footprint significantly – and its modest 24 foot turning circle.

Inside the cab, you’ll find all the controls you need at the touch of a few buttons, while the interior of the vehicle also has enough room for driver, passenger, and any baggage you might need during the day.


Eli has adopted a smart approach to security; one which will provide reassurance to anyone interested in snapping up the useful Zero. The IMMO 4.0 Engine Anti Theft Locking System immobilises the vehicle’s engine, utilising encrypted passwords to protect the vehicle whenever you lock it up.

Eli Zero Safety and Reliability

Thirteen different battery safety technologies were built into the Zero’s innovative powertrain, making it an ultra-reliable, ultra-safe vehicle as well as a green and efficient one. This is representative of the EV market’s serious approach to driver and passenger safety and their commitment to creating a comfortable and reliable ride for users.

Smart systems built into the Zero can also detect when you come to a halt, immediately applying the parking brake, which is then automatically released when you accelerate once again. This means there is no danger of the vehicle rolling or moving backwards when you come to a stop on a hill.

Take a look at the handsome little Eli Zero, and you will notice a lot of glass. While this provides a great looking aesthetic, it also serves a practical purpose. Drivers can enjoy almost unparalleled visibility from the cabin, with views which stretch for 270 degrees without even needing to look in the mirror. This means that the Zero provides a much more reassuring driving experience than its competitors in the market.

The glass itself is 3D tempered and reinforced with thermoplastic composites to achieve safety, security and strength across the board. Eli’s Zero might look small and slight, but with a structure like this, it is seriously tough.

As Eli’s flagship model, the Zero represents the ethos of this innovative and exciting new company. Eli envisages a different approach to driving; one which extends far beyond the perception of a vehicle as merely a machine designed for getting from A to B.
Instead, Eli wants to create smart EVs which support our local communities – rather than choke them with traffic – and which help us live productive, responsible, and fulfilling lives.

The Zero might not be available just yet, and the prototype is in need of further development before it is market-ready, but from what we can see it is shaping up to be a seriously impressive piece of technology, and we can’t wait to get our hands on it.

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