Tomberlin Vanish

Tomberlin Vanish

$14,000 USD


Model: Vanish

Manufacturer: Tomberlin

Seating Capacity: 2

2-Passenger Transportation Vehicle

Top speed: 25 mph

Available colors:

Exterior color: N/A

Interior color: N/A


Power source: Electric

Power: 5 Horsepower

Fuel capacity: N/A

Oil capacity: N/A

Drive system: 2*4


Length: 103 inches

Width: 72 inches

Height: 66 inches


Frame: N/A

Front Body: Independent dual A-Arms; Adjustable shock absorbers

Rear Body: Independent; Adjustable shock absorbers & sway bar

Brakes: 4 wheel discs; Hydraulic


In 2011, Tomberlin, one of the newest and most exciting manufacturers of golf carts, neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs) and other low-speed vehicles (LSVs), introduced the Vanish, which remains unique in its class. The Vanish was designed with full four-by-four (4x4) functionality so that it is capable of being driven through the wilderness for sightseeing, hunting, fishing, ranching or farming. This LSV offers several features that cannot be found in any other electric vehicle, and several major options are also available to customize the Vanish to suit your needs and tastes. When you require rugged durability and reliability on and off the road, the Vanish offers a formidable package at a highly competitive price.

Tomberlin Moves Into Power Sports

Mike Tomberlin developed his first electric car in 2005, and soon afterward, he began marketing it to dealers of power-sport vehicles. However, the transition from the golf course to power sports nearly failed because the dealers didn’t want anything to do with electric LSVs.

“We quickly found out that power-sports dealers were reluctant to get involved with electrics,” said Tomberlin. “We may have been too early, and there wasn’t much demand in that channel outside of a few early adopters.”

Today, however, the story is very different. It turns out that Tomberlin was just a little ahead of his time. With the Vanish now at the forefront of his line-up of off-road LSVs, more than 100 dealers of power-sports cars across the U.S. are selling Tomberlin electric cars, and several hundred others that are not exclusively dealers of power-sports equipment are also selling them.

“Remember that traditional units were flying out the door at that time. Inventories were high, floor plans were full and here we come selling electrics,” said Tomberlin. “Clearly, we were just too early.”

Electric vehicles were simply not what they are today, and the demand was at an all-time low. The market has improved dramatically, and the Vanish is now a vehicle that people are ready to get behind regardless of its battery-powered motor and limited horsepower. This is primarily because of the popularity of full-sized electric cars, hybrids and NEVs has soared, but it is not the only factor involved.

Another reason why the Tomberlin Vanish is so popular today is that it is a solid four-wheel-drive utility terrain vehicle (UTV) that performs at the top of its class. In addition, it is the first crossover UTV that is also completely street legal.

“This is our third major product effort,” stated Tomberlin. “We became leaders in the first two, but we lacked the talent to stay on top.”

“I think we learned from those two efforts, and now we own the intellectual property, own the tooling, have the supplier base and have a very sustainable business mode,” he continued.

Tomberlin is happy to provide dealers and end buyers with the support that is necessary to make the Vanish attractive at all levels. He keeps about 9,000 units ready to go in his two warehouses in Augusta, Georgia, and Palm Springs, California, and replacement parts take up 45,000 square feet of warehouse space. “Parts and service are the lifeblood of our business as far as sustainability is concerned,” said Tomberlin.

In addition, Tomberlin offers thorough training to dealers and online warranty processing to simplify claims. He has also recruited a number of acclaimed hunters and outdoor-sports enthusiasts as spokespeople and has made appearances on several TV shows.

“I believe our credibility in the market has been validated,” Tomberlin said. “Some questioned our efforts in 2005, but today, we really fight some giants in this space.”

“Electric is 90 percent of our revenue, and our future depends on assuring an experience second to none,” Tomberlin stated proudly. “We’ve gone head-to-head with the big brands, and it appears, based upon market response, that we have carved out a niche we can continue to win.”

Vanish Specifications and Features

The Tomberlin Vanish is a two-seat UTV that can shift into four-wheel drive on the fly. It includes advanced engineering, a giant cargo bed in the back that can be raised and lowered and several other enticing features.

This vehicle is a monster compared to other electric LSVs. It is 103 inches in length, 72 inches in width and 66 inches in height. It also has a curb weight of 1,989 pounds and includes huge 25-inch tires that can be used on the road or off. The body is made of injection-molded HDPE, and there is a glass-impregnated windshield in the front. The bed is constructed of double-walled thermoplastic, and it features a front storage compartment.

The front suspension of the Vanish is an independent, double-front, A-arm system with adjustable shocks while the rear sports an independent suspension with adjustable shocks and a sway bar. The vehicle has hydraulic disc brakes all the way around and an independent parking brake.

The Vanish’s 48-volt, AC-drive powertrain uses six 8-volt batteries and has a 400-amp GE performance controller. The motor has 5 horsepower that rises substantially higher at peak, and the transmission offers multi-speed forward and reverse. The maximum forward speed is 25 mph, and it will travel up to 40 miles when the battery bank is fully charged.

The long list of standard features offered by the Vanish is very impressive:

  • Bench seats with individual seatbacks and padded headrests
  • Full instrument panel with speedometer, trip meter and battery-state meter
  • Power port for charging cell phones and other portable electronic devices
  • Locking glove box
  • Rearview and side mirrors
  • Full lighting package with high-intensity headlights, taillights and turn signals
  • Choice of red or camouflage colors

The options are also quite notable:

  • Carpeting package in a choice of colors
  • Custom paint job, including airbrushing
  • Bucket seats
  • Extended color matching for the canopy
  • Golf bag attachment
  • High-performance motor with 8 horsepower
  • Rear-facing, two-passenger seating
  • Under-seat storage
  • Wooden and aluminium steering wheels
  • Wooden dashboard

Choosing the Tomberlin Vanish

The Tomberlin Vanish is one of the most versatile and exciting LSVs on the market today. If you want reliable transportation in rugged off-road conditions, then this vehicle is the one for you. It also makes for an excellent ride through your neighborhood or golf-cart community. When you pull up in one of these, you will be admired for your good taste and choice in vehicles, and with a maximum speed of 25 mph, the Vanish will be all you need for short, local trips or outdoor adventures.

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