Garia Mansory Prism

  • $9,999 USD


Model: Mansory Prism LSV

Manufacturer: Garia

Seating Capacity: 2

Top Speed: 37 MPH

Available Colors

Interior Color: N/A

Exterior Color: N/A


Power Source: Electric

Horsepower: 44 Horsepower

Fuel Capacity: N/A

Oil Capacity: N/A

Drive System: 2*4

Size and Capacity

Length (Inches): 92

Width (Inches): 48

Height (Inches): 47


Frame: N/A

Front Body Style: N/A

Back Body Style: N/A

Brakes: N/A

Professional golfers around the world recognize Garia golf carts as the most luxurious available, and any of them would be proud to drive one on the links. Garia has been called the “Porsche of golf cars” by American Airlines Magazine.  And the “most interesting cart in the world” by NBC Sports, and four-time PGA Tour winner Bubba Watson has been touting Garia as the “ultimate luxury golf car.” When Garia finally released its street-legal models, the VIA, and Monaco, the praise only grew. Now, Garia has partnered with Mansory to develop limited edition low-speed vehicles (LSVs) of truly extraordinary craftsmanship, and one of these vehicles is the Garia Mansory Prism.

Golf Car With Attitude

The Garia Mansory Prism is a vehicle of high aesthetic beauty, and it is so exceptionally innovative that there is no other golf cart in its class. The Prism debuted at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2015, and production was limited to only seven units. It is claimed to be the fastest and lightest electric golf cart ever built, and it was made as a working demonstration of the power of the Garia Mansory customization program.

With the power of superior Samsung lithium batteries and an exclusive Curtis controller, the Prism can accelerate from zero to 25 mph in less than two seconds and can reach a top speed of 37 mph. While this level of performance bars the model from being driven on most city streets in the U.S., it meets all specifications as a street-legal vehicle in the European Union (EU).

In addition to the power of the lithium batteries, which also provide a longer range and faster charge time, the Prism’s speed and acceleration are maximized by its lightweight design. Compared to Garia’s standard LSV, the Monaco Roadster, the Prism is 150 kg lighter, and it offers a unique three-mode system for adjusting performance level.

If you simply want to take the golf cart out to the links for an afternoon, all you have to do is turn the knob to the left for the Golf setting. If you want to tool around city streets, turn the dial straight up to the Street setting. Finally, when you want to open it up and see how fast you can go, set the dial to the Race setting on the right. In Race mode, the car receives enough power to spin its wheels on dry concrete, yet it continues to handle phenomenally well. These three settings make the Prism not only the fastest and lightest golf cart in the world but also the most versatile.

Garia Mansory Customization

The Garia Mansory Prism is 92 inches long by 48 inches wide by 47.5 inches high. And it does a fantastic job of displaying all of the options that can be used to customize nearly any model of Garia golf cart or LSV. The body panels are made of durable, lightweight chrome, and you may choose from three non-metallic colors and five metallic colors. The non-metallic colors options are white, cream and red while the metallic choices are Topaz Light, Graphite Grey, Diamond Black, Emerald Green and Sapphire Blue.

The switches in the car are all made of high-quality aluminum in collaboration with Kussmaul, the same German supplier used by Bugatti, and they can be custom painted. The foot pedals are constructed of black or silver anodized aluminum, and you can order deluxe pedal covers.

The Prism features a leather interior with clear-coated, carbon-fiber accessories. The waterproof leather seats are available in two shades with your choice of matching or contrasting stitching, and custom stitching designs are an option. Also, the dashboard is covered in black leather with carbon-fiber trim while the steering wheel has a smooth, carbon-fiber top and a gun grip lower section with waterproof leather and custom stitching.

The instrument cluster, mudguards, armrests, bumper trim and service hatches are all made of carbon fiber, and the foot pedals come in black or silver anodized aluminum. Also, the floor can be black carbon fiber or teak slats with white or black spacers.

The above features give the Prism a real luxurious feel while allowing for further personalization. All of the vehicle’s parts are high performance and were initially designed for either high-end sports cars or the aerospace industry, and each unit is hand-assembled by only the most experienced, skilled technicians.

Luxury and Leisure

Garia is an innovative and visionary company founded in 2005. Although it is headquartered in Denmark, Garia has a U.S. subsidiary and satellite offices in the Asia Pacific and the United Kingdom.  All of the vehicles produced by Garia are designed uniquely with quality and performance in mind, and the company believes that its models represent a paradigm shift in the golf cart and LSV industry.

Mansory was founded in 1989, and the company is known for designing and developing accessories for several notable automobile manufacturers, including Aston Martin, Bentley, Ferrari and Rolls Royce. Today, Mansory focuses on its accessory programs for BMW, Porsche, and Range Rover.

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