Club Car Precedent i2

  • $7,234 USD


Model: Precedent i2

Manufacturer: Club Car

Seating Capacity: 2

Top Speed: 19 MPH

Available Colors

Interior Color: N/A

Exterior Color: N/A


Power Source: Electric

Horsepower: 3 Horsepower

Fuel Capacity: N/A

Oil Capacity: N/A

Drive System: 2*2

Size and Capacity

Length (Inches): 92

Width (Inches): 47

Height (Inches): 69


Frame: AlumiCore™ — Ladd

Front Body Style: Dupont Surlyn® Reflections with

Back Body Style: N/A

Brakes: Self-adjusting, rear wheel mechanical drum

In 2004, Club Car made news when it released the historic, state-of-the-art Precedent golf car, and only four years later, the company outdid itself when it designed and developed the Precedent i2. Although it looks nearly identical to its predecessor, the Precedent i2 includes several important upgrades and additions, including the new Excel drive system, which offers improved efficiency, control and durability.

It also features motor braking when going downhill and regenerative braking that transforms kinetic energy into electrical energy to charge the batteries. This reduces overall operational costs by nearly 20 percent over the previous model. Finally, the redesigned dashboard and instrument panel provide a cleaner look with better visibility.

A Revolutionary New Golf Car

When the Club Car Precedent i2 first became available in 2008, it was called a revolutionary vehicle that could be driven equally well through 18 holes of golf as it could across town on city streets. Today, the Precedent i2 is even better than before and provides drivers of all types with numerous benefits and advantages.

Upon the release of the i2, Phil Trailes, CEO of Club Car, issued a statement that says just about everything you need to know. “Precedent i2 builds on what made Precedent a revolutionary golf car and makes it an even more reliable, better performing car for the course owner-operator and golfer,” said Trailes. The only thing he didn’t mention was that this vehicle is also perfect for neighborhood and community driving.

The Precedent i2 from Club Car is said to have set a new standard for golf cars, and experts believe it is the most technologically advanced neighborhood electric vehicle (NEV) in production. This two-seat golf car is available in gas and electric versions, and both include features that cannot be found in any other model, including a wrap-around bumper, factory-molded, ergonomic bench seats and the proprietary Monsoon Top that leads water through small canals away from passengers.

When Club Car designed the Precedent i2, the designers had drivers with discriminating tastes in mind, and it quickly rose in popularity with those who understand the importance of quality and good value. Other manufacturers soon sought to imitate the i2, but so far, it has yet to be perfectly matched.

This vehicle offers unrivaled durability with a rustproof aluminum frame that resists impacts. The SportDrive steering and suspension system also offers responsive handling, and when you need service, you have more than 600 authorized dealers from which to choose.

Superior Performance and Advanced Features

The Precedent i2 includes some of the most advanced technology ever seen in a golf car, including failsafe chargers, and you can purchase optional solar panels for the electric model that increase your driving range and lower the cost of operating the vehicle.

As mentioned, the i2 has a durable AlumiCore frame for enhanced appearance and reliability, and it also helps the car retain its resale value even several years down the line. This frame is fabricated from aviation-grade aluminum, so it is strong, lightweight and resistant to corrosion.

Another feature that is worth discussing again is the Monsoon Top canopy. Rather than only providing protection from the sun, this canopy, which is molded from strong polypropylene plastic, has a built-in drainage system that channels water directly to the ground before it can spill or drip onto passengers or cargo.

When you purchase the electric model, you will be able to take advantage of the Excel electrical drive system with regenerative braking, which increases your battery capacity and range by up to 10 percent over comparable models. The efficient, reliable, intelligent and connected (ERIC) charging system also provides several benefits, including the following:

  • Works anywhere in the world
  • Charges rapidly and efficiently regardless of power fluctuations
  • Alerts you to charging status
  • Issues a warning when the charge level drops below 20 percent
  • Continually monitors the battery pack to deliver reliable power

With the gasoline-powered Precedent i2, you are getting an engine that is unmatched in any other golf car. This 14-horsepower, 404 cc engine with electronic fuel injection (EFI) is always perfectly tuned, and maintenance is a breeze. The engine starts quickly without a problem, and it automatically adjusts for current conditions. Other benefits of this gasoline engine are as follows:

  • Automotive, single-cylinder, overhead cam
  • Hemispherical heads to provide increased torque and power
  • Precise ignition timing for reliable cold starts
  • Case-hardened steel timing chain
  • Filterless splash-lubrication system

The statistics for this engine tell the whole story:

  • Provides 30 percent more horsepower but 30 percent lower emissions than the original Precedent
  • Delivers 23 percent more power than average golf cars
  • Offers $160 in savings on the annual cost of ownership
  • Climbs hills 60 percent faster
  • Gets 35 percent better fuel economy

Precedent i2 Specifications

The electric and gasoline versions of the Precedent i2 are similar in appearance and style. They are 92 inches long by 47 inches wide by 69 inches high, and they have a ground clearance of 5 inches. They are both equipped with 8.5-inch tubeless tires and have a wheelbase of 66 inches, but the electric model weighs 651 pounds while the gasoline model is 909 pounds.

The body is made of DuPont Surlyn Reflections, and the color is molded into the panels. The brakes are self-adjusting, rear-wheel, mechanical drums, and the three-position parking brake is foot actuated. The SportDrive steering is a self-compensating rack-and-pinion system, and the front suspension has independent leaf springs with dual hydraulic shocks.

The motor in the electric Precedent i2 has 3.3 horsepower but peaks at 13 horsepower, and it is powered by six 8-volt batteries with a single-point watering system. It offers speeds of 12 mph to 15 mph, which can be increased to 19 mph with the optional Xcelerator.

The gasoline model is started with one 12-volt battery and includes a 6-gallon fuel tank. It has seven speed settings that range from 5 mph to 19 mph.

Final Considerations

Although about 1,000 Precedent i2 golf cars had to be recalled in 2013 because of a potential fire hazard, the problem has been fixed, and this model deserves serious consideration when shopping for an NEV or golf cart. Whether you want the electric or gasoline version, you will adore all of the standard features, including the Excel drive system, and the options allow you to customize it to your tastes.

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