Club Car DS Player

  • $7,136 USD


Model: DS Player

Manufacturer: Club Car

Seating Capacity: 2

Top Speed: 19 MPH

Available Colors

Interior Color: Almond

Exterior Color: White


Power Source: Electric

Horsepower: 3 Horsepower

Fuel Capacity: N/A

Oil Capacity: N/A

Drive System: 2*2

Size and Capacity

Length (Inches): 91

Width (Inches): 47

Height (Inches): 69


Frame: Aluminum I-beam

Front Body Style: Painted TPO

Back Body Style: Painted TPO

Brakes: Self-adjusting rear mechanical drum

Club Car is one of the most trusted manufacturers of golf carts and electric utility vehicles in the world, and for many years, the company’s flagship model has been the DS Player. The DS series of golf carts is renowned for its versatility, standard equipment and performance on and off the course, and it is available in both electric and gas models.

DS Player Overview

The Club Car DS Player is a solid machine whether you have decided upon the battery-operated or gasoline-powered model. It is simple yet sleek and durable enough to be driven on paved roads, gravel, asphalt or manicured grass on a daily basis. The car seats two passengers comfortably while providing room for golf gear or other cargo, and it is affordably priced. However, some people may be put off by the DS Player’s lack of horsepower, which affects both its top speed and maximum weight allowance.

Both models of the DS Player have similar builds. The golf cart is 91.5 inches in length, 47.25 inches wide and 69 inches high. The wheelbase is 65.5 inches, and the floor is 4.5 inches off the ground. The dry weight of the gasoline-powered model is 619 pounds while the electric version is 498 pounds not including the batteries. Both versions are available in white, green and beige.

DS Player Gas

The gasoline DS Player features the Tranquility powertrain that delivers a comfortable and quiet ride without sacrificing performance. It is characterized by its engine, transmission and transaxle, which are bolted together as a single piece to reduce vibration and noise. This is combined with a Quiet-Tone muffler that uses a proprietary design for additional noise suppression and a rear-mount tailpipe that diverts exhaust away from passengers.

The OHV engine is a Kawasaki four-cycle with a single cylinder. It is air-cooled and pressure lubricated and uses a spin-on oil filter. This 286-cc engine has 9.5 horsepower at 3,600 rpm, an electronic ignition and a 7-gallon fuel tank.

The DS Player also has a unique directional-shifting Syncromesh transmission and a unitized transaxle with helical gears at an 11.8:1 ratio in drive and a 17.1:1 ratio in reverse. It includes a neutral towing position and a neutral lockout switch to protect against premature wear and allow for simple maintenance. The crankshaft is heat-treated and rests on pressure-lubed bearings for maximum strength while a built-in reciprocating counter-balancer controls vibration.

DS Player Electric

Club Car’s electric DS Player is one of the most advanced golf carts on the market today. It includes the company’s propietary IQ System that can be monitored and customized to provide an optimum ride for each course. The Advanced IQ Controller provides unparalleled diagnostics and can be programmed with multiple speed settings. The entire system is brought together through the on-board computer that controls all the electronic systems and records information about the vehicle’s performance. All of the pertinent data can then be viewed via a handheld tool known as the IQ Display Module (IQDM).

The motor for the battery-operated DS Player has 10 horsepower at 1,125 rpm intermittently and 3.2 continuous horsepower at 2,400 rpm. The motor is super quiet, and the variable horsepower allows it to deliver additional power in short bursts whenever needed. The motor is run by four 12-volt batteries that each carry a four-year, 800-round warranty. Forward and reverse gears are selected through a convenient, pushbutton rocker switch, and a second tow/run switch is provided to disable motor braking while towing.

Standard Features

Both version of the DS Player include several standard features:

  • Lightweight, rust-resistant, all-aluminum frame
  • ArmorFlex body with advanced UV protection that defends against fading, denting and cracking
  • Self-adjusting rack-and-pinion steering that feels like power steering
  • Sure-Stop braking system with dual rear brakes and Club Car’s proprietary Multi-Lock System
  • Front and rear bumpers
  • Canopy support struts and canopy in a choice of white or beige
  • Form-fitted vinyl seats in white or beige

Options and Accessories

In addition to the DS Player’s standard features, you have a choice of several options and accessories:

  • Deluxe lighting, horn and turn signals/li>
  • Cargo protector/li>
  • Weatherproof enclosure/li>
  • One-piece, fold-down or snap-on windshield/li>
  • Deluxe towing package/li>
  • Hour meter and fuel gauge or battery capacity meter/li>
  • Beverage cooler/li>
  • Additional two-bag attachment

Final Assessment

The DS Player from Club Car is a strong contender among strong competition. However, it lives up to both the high standards of the company and the high standards of its drivers. Whether you choose the electric or gas-powered model, you will be driving a very reliable vehicle that delivers superior comfort and performance at an affordable price.

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