• $3,250 USD

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Are you the type of driver who possesses singular style? Do you find ordinary, factory-produced electric golf carts boring? If so, this beautiful blue ride was lovingly crafted with you in mind. Whether you want to turn heads at the golf course, be the star of your country club, or impress everyone in your neighborhood, this incredible modified 1997 Yamaha electric golf gart has the power and appeal to drive your cool factor off the charts.

Yamaha Quality with a Taste of Yesterday

Like any Yamaha electric golf cart, this model has the exceptional quality and craftsmanship associated with the brand. Custom-built at a cost of more than $10,000, the vehicle combines the utility of a low-speed electric golf cart with a classic 1950 Studebaker Bullet Nose body.

Studebaker made more than 300,000 cars in 1950. The production year fell within the famous “Bullet Nose Years” familiar to all loyal Studebaker aficionados. The bold, unique nose design, which is reminiscent of aircraft styling, fell in line perfectly with the company’s reputation for innovative concepts and impressive vehicles.

Today, this gleaming example of the past enhancing the present features a creamy, blue paint job, stretch front suspension and a one-year-old battery that’s still packed with plenty of life. The modified cart runs like brand new and drives like a dream, making it an ideal solution for casual street transport and use on the green.

Classic Studebaker Style Meets Environmentally Responsible Living

Unlike gas-powered carts, the battery-powered Yamaha electric golf gart produces no emissions. When you drive an electric vehicle, you’re not creating any pollution to harm the environment. It runs efficiently and quietly and can help you save money through its economical performance. The cart may look beautifully complicated, but it features the same low-maintenance operation and modern technological perks that every electric vehicle offers. Your sleek, blue beauty will provide reliable transportation while making things easier for you and the planet.

A Showstopper on the Golf Course

The design modification includes an attachment for your golf clubs and comfortable, color-matched front seats. You can ride high and enjoy the view while your fellow golfers turn green with envy. Thousands of golfers drive golf carts along the course every day, but you can be sure that none of them will look quite like this one. This Yamaha electric vehicle comes from Southern California and is 100 percent rust-free.