Marshell DG-LSV2 Golf Cart

Marshell DG-LSV2 Golf Cart

$9,999 USD

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As a leading name in low-carbon technology, Marshell produces a full spectrum of green electric vehicles for personal and commercial use. Marshell’s affordable, powerful DG-LSV2 low-speed vehicle (LSV) can help businesses and individuals reduce their carbon footprints while providing the convenience and luxury of a personal electric vehicle that’s perfectly suited for the golf course, the neighborhood or the street. Manufactured in 2016, it’s a perfect tool for crafting a greener lifestyle.

A Golf Cart, a Commercial Transport Vehicle and So Much More

A practical, attractive vehicle that’s ideal for driving around the course in comfort, enjoying the amenities of Gold Coast gated communities or running errands in golf cart friendly regions, the Marshell DG-LSV2 is street legal in most areas and ready to take you where you need to go. It can also provide transport in commercial and industrial settings. The DG-LSV2 is perfect for work sites, warehouses, hotels, resorts, theme parks, festivals and more. It can function as a security or maintenance cart, courtesy transport vehicle or even a supply cart.

Sleek, Eye-Catching Design

Marshell designs its vehicles for exceptional economy and superior functionality, but it doesn’t sacrifice style or comfort. The two-person DG-LSV2 boasts a sleek design with rounded edges and minimalist styling that reflects its modern technology and complements its practical nature. On the course or around the neighborhood, it will always turn heads.

Power, Performance and Practicality

It looks like a winner, but the DG-LSV2 offers much more than aesthetic value. With its Delta-Q 48V fully electric motor, Curtis 48V 400A controllers, an on-board efficiency pulse charger and quality Trojan batteries, it delivers power that can carry you at speeds of up to 40 kmh with zero emissions and virtually no noise. One of the highest performing LSVs in its class, the DG-LSV2 provides a range of 80 kilometers on a single charge. It has rack and pinion steering for precise control, and it can climb 30 percent grades efficiently. If you need to transport groceries, supplies, golf bags or cargo, the durable cart can carry up to 600 kilograms.

DG-LSV2 Safety and Comfort Features

If you’re looking for features, the DG-LSV2 won’t let you down. Its comfortable, smooth ride can be attributed to its individual contours, its hydraulic shock absorbers and its generously padded black vinyl bench seat. The front windscreen features a driver’s side wiper blade for managing inclement weather, and the canopy keeps your passengers safe from both the rain and the sun. Driver and pedestrian safety is always a priority; the DG-LSV2 features standard safety features including seat belts, headlights, taillights, turn signal indicators, brake lights and a hand brake.

Customize Your Vehicle

You can customize Marshell’s DG-LSV2 to make it a perfect fit. Order the street-legal package to receive rear and side mirrors, or choose a split windshield for extra dimension. Add fitted doors to provide extra protection from the elements and give your LSV a more traditional car-like appearance. A CD player, MP3 auxiliary jack and stereo speakers can make your driving experience even better. You can even add clear rain covers and golf bag holders. The cart is available for immediate delivery in black and burnt orange, but you can choose other color options if you pre-order. With its great performance and full range of available features, the Marshell DG-LSV2 delivers everything you could want in an electric LSV at a competitive price.

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