Marshell DN-4D Resort Car

Marshell DN-4D Resort Car

$8,999 AUD

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Whoever said that all golf carts and electric low-speed vehicles (LSVs) are alike has obviously never set eyes on the Marshell DN-4D. Although it is billed as a Four-Seater Classic Electric Resort Car, it has a wide range of applications for both consumers and commercial businesses outside the hospitality industry. 

Where Style Meets Practicality

The DN-4D was designed by Marshell for resorts to show guests that style does not have to be sacrificed for sustainability. The body of this LSV is based on the classic cars of the early 20th century, but behind its glamorous appearance is a practical and environmentally friendly vehicle that is fun to drive. 

Zero-Emissions Electric Motor

This luxury four-seater offers a smooth, stable ride with zero emissions, no noise and no fuss. The 48-volt electric motor can get it up to a maximum speed of 28 kmh, and the batteries will power it for 80 kilometers before needing a recharge.

With the high-power Curtis controller, the DN-4D can climb slopes with grades of up 30 percent, and the handling is incredibly responsive on nearly all types of surfaces, including roadways, paved trails, grass and gravel. 

Powerful Features

The Marshell DN-4D makes passengers feel like royalty as they are transported quickly and comfortably to their destinations. It is loaded with several advanced electrical and mechanical features, including a smart steering system. The vehicle can also be customized with a full range of optional accessories and a choice of colors.

Consumer and Commercial Applications

While the DN-4D was designed for resorts, it has a variety of consumer and commercial applications. It could be driven on the links just like any other golf cart, or it could be used as a personal vehicle in closed communities and most residential areas. In addition, it can be a memorable attraction at special events, such as birthdays and weddings.

When it comes to commercial businesses, the DN-4D leaves a positive impression on guests whether they drive the car themselves or are professionally chauffeured. It can be used at outdoor recreational facilities of all types, including sports stadiums, parks and zoos, and it makes a great promotional tool.

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