Marshell DG-LSV2+2 Golf Cart

Marshell DG-LSV2+2 Golf Cart

$9,999 USD

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From a world leader in the design and manufacturing of electric vehicles, Marshell’s DG-LSV2+2 premium golf cart can take you around the golf course in style or help you run errands in a way that reduces your carbon footprint and impresses your friends at the same time. Manufactured in 2016, this powerful yet affordable golf cart and personal low-speed vehicle (LSV) has everything you need plus a few extra perks; it lets you enjoy both utility and luxury in a greener way.

On the Green or in the Workplace, the DG-LSV2+2 Delivers

With two forward-facing seat and two rear-facing seats, the DG-LSV2+2 has plenty of room for you and your guests to ride in comfort. It also features a rear step and removable rear bracket and frame to accommodate two sets of golf clubs. The cart’s minimalist styling and sleek lines make it an attractive and modern-looking vehicle that is sure to get compliments. When you’re not out on the green, you can use your cart to transport the family to neighbourhood events or even to run errands. Because the Marshell DG-LSV2+2 is street legal in most areas, you don’t always have to rely on your car for routine activities. It’s a perfect fit for anyone living in the Gold Coast’s prominent gated communities such as Hope Island and Sanctuary Cove.

Whilst the DG-LSV2+2 is ideal for private use, it can also be useful in commercial and industrial settings. Work sites, theme parks, festivals, hotels, airports and resorts can all benefit from having a convenient, low-speed vehicle to transport clients, goods and supplies. It’s perfect as a security or maintenance vehicle because it’s quiet, non-intrusive and economical in all situations.

Reliable Green Power and Superior Performance

Marshell’s DG-LSV2+2 offers much more than convenience and good looks. Its state-of-the-art components deliver powerful and consistent performance. The cart includes a Delta-Q 48V electric motor, Curtis 48V 400A controllers and trusted Trojan batteries. One of the highest performing models in its class, the vehicle can reach speeds of up to 40 kmh and cover a range of 80 kilometres on a single charge, and it does it all without producing emissions. You can expect a great driving experience from your DG-LSV2+2; it has precision rack and pinion steering and climbs 30-percent grades with ease.

DG-LSV2+2 Safety and Comfort

The DG-LSV2+2 includes an array of features that make it safer and more fun to drive. Its CD player keeps your favourite music close at hand. You’ll enjoy a comfortable ride courtesy of hydraulic shock absorbers and padded black vinyl bench seats. The glass windscreen includes a wiper blade, and the rain curtains and canopy keep you and your passengers out of the weather. Safety features include seat belts, headlights, taillights, indicators, rear view mirrors, brake lights and a hand brake. While you’re focusing on your golf game, you can keep your valuables safe in its lockable glove box.

Customizing Your Marshell DG-LSV2+2

Black and orange DG-LSV2+2 golf carts are available for immediate delivery, but if you pre-order, you can choose other colour options and features. With its top-notch performance capabilities and exceptional features, the Marshell DG-LSV2+2 will provide everything you need in a quality low-speed electric vehicle.

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