Marshell DG-C2 Golf Cart

Marshell DG-C2 Golf Cart

$6,499 USD

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You don’t always have to pay top dollar to get yourself into an electric golf cart on the links or for driving around the neighborhood or community. A few off-brand models manufactured in China are available at very affordable prices, and among them is the Marshell DG-C2 golf cart. This no-frills vehicle will get you around the course reliably without requiring you to pay for extra features that may never be used or needed.


This terrific, two-seat golf cart is manufactured by a Chinese company that has largely flown under the radar. However, the Marshell DG-C2 is distributed and sold around the world and has slowly been making its way into fleets and private garages. What people love about this buggy is that it is generally unassuming, but the minimalist design gives it a sleek, efficient look that allows it to mingle freely with vehicles of a much higher class.

Speed and Range

The Marshell DG-C2 is about average in nearly every performance category, but for most golfers and community drivers, nothing more is needed. At full capacity, the golf cart can reach speeds of up to 24 kmh, and under normal conditions, the six 8-volt batteries can put 80 kilometers on the vehicle before it requires a recharge.

Performance and Handling

When it comes to performance, the ride on the DG-C2 is smooth and quiet. The drivetrain operates with consistent power so that there are no sudden lurches, and it is powerful enough to climb hills with up to a 30 percent grade. In addition, the steering is tight, and the responsive, regenerative brakes continue to charge the battery even when applied at near-zero speeds.


Even though the DG-C2 is a basic two-seat golf cart, Marshell has allowed some room for a few notable accessories and options. Each unit comes equipped with standard attachments for golf bags while other options will cost a little extra. If you are planning on using the DG-C2 as a street-legal LSV, you will need the lighting system, a mirror kit and safety belts. A few of the other options Marshell offers include a CD player, PA system, emergency-response lights and a rear-seat kit to add two additional passengers.

Overall Value

If you are looking for a simple yet reliable golf cart that won’t take a large chunk out of your bank account, check out the Marshell DG-C2, and take it out for a test drive. You may be pleasantly surprised by what you find whether it is new or previously owned.

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