HDK Express Hunting 2+2

  • $8,876 USD


Model: Express Hunting 2+2

Manufacturer: HDK

Seating Capacity: 4

Top Speed: 25 MPH

Available Colors

Interior Color: Almond

Exterior Color: Red,Blue,Gol


Power Source: Electric

Horsepower: 5 Horsepower

Fuel Capacity: N/A

Oil Capacity: N/A

Drive System: 2*2

Size and Capacity

Length (Inches): 93

Width (Inches): 50

Height (Inches): 72


Frame: 15 years no rust

Front Body Style: TPO injection mould front cowl

Back Body Style: Rear body-Impact Resistance

Brakes: N/A

HDK Electric Vehicle is not the most popular or well-known manufacturer of low-speed vehicles (LSVs) in the world, but the company produces a few unique models specifically designed for hunting and other outdoor activities. Although HDK is located in China and has very little information available on its products in English, it is worth giving them a closer look and talking in person to someone who is familiar with them, especially if you are interested in a hunting vehicle, such as the HDK Express Hunting 2+2.

HDK Hunting Buggy 2+2 Overview

HDK calls its DEL2022DL2Z Express Hunting 2+2 a hunting buggy, and it includes several features that make it a formidable vehicle for outdoor sporting. It is important to note, however, that although the Express Hunting 2+2 is primarily made for carrying passengers, it is not considered street-legal transportation.

Many electric LSV’s are known as neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs) because they meet certain standards established by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Because HDK hunting buggies do not meet these safety standards, they can only be driven on private roads, forest roads or in off-road environments. However, an optional package is available that tweaks its specifications.

Specifications of the Express Hunting 2+2

The DEL2022DL2Z is 103 inches in length, 50 inches in width and 70 inches in height. It can carry a total of four passengers: two in the front seats and two more in the rear-facing back seats. Its 48-volt DC motor from GE provides 5.5 horsepower at continuous operation, and it is powered by a bank of batteries that can be configured with eight 6-volt batteries or six 8-volt batteries. The motor operates in conjunction with a programmable, 400-amp controller from Curtis, and the batteries are recharged through an onboard 18-amp charger from Delta-Q.

The buggy also comes equipped with four 11-inch, DOT-approved tires on aluminum wheels but other than the above, HDK provides no other specifications except to say that the maximum speed is nearly 25 mph.

Features and Benefits of DEL2022DL2Z

The HDK Express Hunting 2+2 includes some very impressive features that directly translate into real-world performance and versatility. Rather than an aluminum chassis, this vehicle has a galvanized-steel chassis that is rated to remain rust-free for 15 years. Although the hot-galvanized dip is strong and durable, it is less expensive than aluminum is, reducing the overall price of this hunting buggy.

The front cowl and rear body are fabricated from flexible, injection-molded TPO to resist damage upon impact, and all nuts and bolts are made of stainless steel. The independent suspension has four arms and is very similar to the one used in GEM electric cars. In addition, the rear axle includes an aluminum cover to keep it free of rust. The front of the vehicle is protected by a brush guard at no additional cost, and fender flares keep mud and debris from hitting the passengers while driving.

The vehicle also has several safety features that are standard in the base model. External rearview mirrors are on both sides, and it has headlights, LED taillights and LED turn signals. In addition to standard brakes, a hand-activated parking brake is on the floor, and a warning beep sounds when it is in reverse.

This hunting buggy also has several features for convenience and comfort, such as contoured seats, a roof rack on the canopy and a cargo basket affixed on top of that. Finally, it includes a switch for high-speed and low-speed operation, and it is available in nine colors: white, black, yellow, gold, green, blue, red, beige and camouflage.

About HDK Electric Vehicle

HDK Electric Vehicle was founded in 2006 in Xiamen, a largely industrial city on the coast of China near Hong Kong. To date, the company has built more than 50,000 electric cars in its 645,000-square-foot production facility. After experiencing early success, HDK more than doubled the size of this plant in 2014 to meet worldwide demand. HDK vehicles are sold through a network of 100 dealers and distributors around the globe, and its U.S. headquarters can be found in Chino, California.

All in all, the HDK Express Hunting 2+2 is a reliable machine for outdoor activities, but support in the U.S. can be spotty. For this reason, it is recommended that you have some knowledge of golf-cart care and maintenance before deciding to purchase this model. However, if you don’t believe you will have any issues or require any support other than through a local dealer, this outdoor machine may be just what you’ve always wanted.

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