T Sport Four Seat Golf Cart

  • $8,995 USD

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The T-Sport Four-Seat Golf Cart is a low-speed vehicle (LSV) designed for driving on the golf course and in the neighborhood. Its 17.5 HP brushless AC motor, which is paired with a Sevcon computerized controller, delivers the power to get its passengers where they need to be at a top speed of 25 miles per hour. Reliable, safe and known for its unequaled performance, the T-Sport sets the bar high for its LSV peers.

Attractive, Versatile Styling

Sporty and spacious, the T-Sport features a rugged all-aluminum frame with I-beam construction, an injection-molded plastic body and automotive finish paint. From the exterior, the cart suggests a blend of utility and modern design with an element of understated luxury. The cart’s interior doesn’t disappoint; it is made from durable, comfortable Marine-type fabric accented by versatile and water-resistant rubber mat flooring. Passenger safety is ensured by its four DOT-approved seat belts fitted to the front and rear-facing seats.

Quality Components and Precision Engineering

Built with care, precision and all new parts, the T-Sport features top-quality components and reliable craftsmanship. The T-Sport’s braking system includes self-adjusting hydraulic front brakes and mechanical drum rear brakes. Its three-phase, 17.5 HP brushless AC drive motor is powered by a 48-volt DC electrical system through Trojan T-875 batteries, which are managed by a Sevcon computerized controller to ensure the maximum range possible. The cart’s self-adjusting rack and pinion steering and double reduction transaxle round out the cart’s overall performance and maneuverability.

Performance and Convenience On the Green and the Street

With a peak forward speed of 25 mph, a braking distance of eight feet at 12 mph and room for four passengers, the T-Sport is a flexible vehicle that provides safe transport in a variety of recreational, home and work environments. Take it for a leisurely shopping trip in town, or use it to carry supplies or transport clients in an industrial or commercial setting. The vehicle covers a larger range than the industry average and surpasses many of its peers. The T-Sport’s seats are comfortable and ergonomically sound, and the on-board 12-volt converter allows drivers to power their cell phones or laptops on the go.

T-Sport Safety Features

Safety is a priority for all drivers, whether it’s on the golf course or around the neighborhood. The T-Sport is outfitted with standard safety features to keep both its riders and nearby pedestrians safe; these include brake lights, headlamps, turn signals and a horn. It’s the only golf cart in its class to provide a standard four-wheel braking system.

The well-rounded design and superior performance of the T-Sport leaves its competitors looking for ways to imitate its value and style.

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