Hummer H3 Four Seat Golf Cart

  • $12,995 USD

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If you’re craving the prestige and superior performance associated with the Hummer brand, the Hummer H3 Four-Seat Golf Cart is your ideal companion on the green. It’s the first proportionally accurate, licensed estate and golf car created to reflect the superb quality and style of the Hummer H3. Standard features include 15-inch custom-built Hummer wheels, an all-aluminum I-beam chassis, functioning fog lights, tail lights and head lights and an innovative 180-degree tailgate. The H3 even has a genuine Hummer chrome grill. Hummer’s tribute to the classic H3 has set a new standard for the manufacturing of customized luxury electric vehicles.

Unsurpassed Style and Hummer Engineering

From its rugged chassis to its exquisite trim, the Hummer H3 is designed to surpass every other luxury electric cart on the market. It offers the largest seating area and the most generous legroom of any electric golf cart in the world. The H3’s ergonomically focused interior boasts center console cup holders to keep beverages at hand. Every switch and control is at the driver’s fingertips to provide a comfortable and easy driving experience.

The H3 model’s reputation wasn’t built on looks alone. It has the highest quality components available in the industry. The cart’s 48-volt system delivers power to its 17.5 HP brushless AC motor to provide maximum range. An on-board IntelliQ computer controlled charging system allows you to charge your cart virtually anywhere; all you need in access to a standard power outlet. The H3 also features a Sevcon computerized controller. The front wheel hydraulic disk brakes are paired with fully self-adjusting rear drum brakes to ensure reliable stopping power. Top-rated Trojan T-875 batteries are standard.

The H3’s dash is fitted with an on-board 48- to 12-volt power outlet, so you can charge your phone or power your tablet or laptop to stay connected with the world while you’re out on the green. It also boasts advanced safety features including brake lights, turn signals, a horn and a reverse warning buzzer.

A Customized Driving Experience

The Hummer H3 is a truly customizable vehicle, so you can make your driving experience everything that you want it to be. A vast number of products and upgrades are available to help you create the H3 that meets your personal needs and high standards. To enjoy a superior media experience, choose the in-dash CD or DVD entertainment system option. Upgrade your H3’s exterior and interior with chrome brush guards, custom colors or a leather interior package. Add a corporate logo to promote your business at golf tournaments and public events. Full custom wheels in various styles and sizes are also available. With its inherent luxury and flexible style, your H3 can be everything you’ve ever wanted in a Hummer.

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