Cushman Four Seat Golf Cart

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Owning a rare or classic vehicle brings a special kind of joy and intrigue to your life. This gas-powered Cushman Combo 1 four-seat golf cart is all-original and in like-new condition. It's been cared for properly and only used lightly; it just needs the right driver to appreciate its colorful personality and vintage charm.

History of the Combo

Production of the Combo 1 was limited; there were only about 245 units manufactured between the years of 1974 and 1975, and only a handful of those were gas-powered. Designed to provide stylish and reliable transportation on the golf course, this version of the Combo 1 offers the robust, dynamic power of a gas engine paired with a comfortable, practical design that provides a smooth ride on the green.

Vintage Charm on the Course

The decade of its production is clearly represented in the Combo 1's design. This blast-from-the-past sports a sunny yellow exterior complete with colorful stripes on its hood. The comfy interior seats are a rich shade of avocado green that was wildly popular in the 70s, and the cart's overhead canopy makes protection from rain and sun a little more fun by shimmying the funky, plush fringe around its perimeter as you drive. Whether you take your Combo 1 out on the course or through the neighborhood, you'll always be an original.

Vehicle Features

The Combo 1 is a four-seat vehicle with a variety of features that are just as relevant today as they were when the cart was made. Its 12-horsepower Kohler gas engine provides its driving prowess. The Combo 1 also boasts turn signals and indicators, brake lights, high and low beam headlights, tail lights, seat belts, customizable seating, golf bag holders and a horn.

A Multitude of Uses

In addition to its more practical use in casual driving and golf course transport, the Combo 1 can serve as a fun, unique shuttle at parties, outdoor events, markets and parks and in numerous other settings. You can even display it at vintage vehicle events. Wherever it takes you, your Combo 1 will always be a conversation starter.

About Cushman

Cushman started out in 1901 building boat engines and farm equipment. The company, currently owned by Textron, Inc., now manufactures the most extensive line of utility vehicles on the market. Cushman is known worldwide for their high quality, durable products.

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