BOSS Standard Two Seat Golf Cart

  • $7,999 AUD

The BOSS Standard 2 Golf Cart is an electric golf cart made from the finest components available. Designed in Europe, this model features efficient Delta-Q on-board charging for quick and easy operation. Along with fast charging, this innovative golf cart provides a comfortable ride in any terrain, with double A-arm independent front suspension and adjustable shock absorbers coming as standard.

Power and efficiency

The BOSS Standard 2 Golf Cart is made with the latest electric vehicle charging technology, including industry standard Curtis Controllers, downhill regenerative braking with roll-away protection, and powerful Trojan batteries. This golf cart is designed for reliable and efficient operation, with the included technology allowing up to 80 km between charges and enough power on-board to traverse a 30-degree incline. The Curtis Controllers allow you to choose between AC or DC 48 Volt motors with 3 kW or 4 kW of power. The BOSS Standard 2 Golf Cart represents the latest in low-speed electric vehicles.

Comfort and functionality

The BOSS Standard 2 Golf Cart is made to look good and perform flawlessly, with comfort also an important factor during the design phase. While all models come with two forward-facing seats as standard, you have the choice between dual internal golf bag holders or two additional rear-facing seats with external golf bag holders. The seats themselves are made with memory foam and durable black or ivory covers. The inclusion of a rear step makes getting on and off this golf cart easy from any seating position.

Product features

This leading golf cart comes with a number of additional features as standard, including a battery charge meter, speedometer, headlights, tail lights, and turn indicators. Stylish alloy wheels and a timber grain steering wheel finish off the appearance, with additional features including a cooler box, rain covers, sand bottles, and a real glass windscreen with a wiper. As if that wasn't enticing enough, you can even customise the BOSS Standard 2 Golf Cart by getting it painted in your favourite colour. If you're looking for an advanced and reliable electric vehicle, the BOSS Standard 2 Golf Cart is the perfect solution.