Fairway Alloys FA141/142 Shift Wheel

  • $250 USD

You're a top-notch golfer, so when you're out on the green, you want your golf cart to reflect your sophistication, energy and winning style. With a few tweaks and a new set of our golf cart wheels, it's easy to transform your plain, old or battle-worn cart into a vehicle that everyone will notice.

A New Option for Your Golf Cart

Fairway Alloys created the 10-inch FA141 Shift and its counterpart, the 12-inch FA142 Shift, to be new and entirely unique options for golf cart customers. The design inspiration came from successful styles in our ATV wheel line, but we also brought in a new finish option for the Shift wheels to make them even more stylish and appealing.

A Shift in Styling: How We Created the Look

A lot of inspiration and work went into the creation of our two machined-finish Shift wheel models. Each wheel starts as pure virgin aluminum. After being cast in our mold department, the metal is slowly cooled to room temperature. Our team of dedicated CNC experts then fine-tune every corner and angle before the wheel is painted with an ultra-thick coat of automotive-grade deep gloss black paint to provide protection and increase durability. Raw aluminum highlights provide the finishing touches and give the wheels their electrifying character; this effect is accomplished by removing the top 2 millimeters of paint on the face of the wheels.

Fairway Alloys Lifetime Structural Warranty

A good wheel is built to last, and we are confident that ours will weather the elements. However, as with all Fairway Alloys wheels, the Shift wheel models are backed by a full lifetime structural warranty. If it becomes bent, broken or cracked, you are eligible for free replacement. We also provide a one-year warranty on the wheel's finish.

Two Size Options for Your New Shift Wheels

Our Shift wheels are available in 10-inch and 12-inch sizes. They are both designed to fit all standard and lifted golf cart makes and models. Order your set today, and be ready to impress your opponents at your next golf game.

Product Specifications FA141 Shift

Model: FA141 Shift
Size: 10x7"
Offset: -25mm
Weight: 7.65 lbs.
Bolt Pattern: 4x4
Maximum Load: 750 lbs.
Cap Type: Pop-in

Product Specifications FA142 Shift

Model: FA142 Shift
Size: 12x6.5"
Offset: -30mm
Weight: 9.05 lbs.
Bolt Pattern: 4x4
Maximum Load: 750 lbs.
Cap Type: Pop-in

About Fairway Alloys

Fairway Alloys Golf Cart Wheels are manufactured by Wheel Pro Powersports Division. Founded in 1998 to provide high-quality, affordable aftermarket golf cart wheels and accessories, the company remains a leader in wheel design and construction today. Every Fairway Alloys wheel is manufactured through low-pressure casting of lightweight virgin aluminum; this process lends the wheel its characteristic low porosity and high luster. After production, each wheel is hand-inspected and finished with automotive-grade bolts, inserts and paints. Fairway Alloys golf cart wheels are compatible with most golf cart manufacturers including Club Car, EZ-GO, Star, Yamaha and others. For assistance in determining wheel compatibility, please contact your local dealer.