Fairway Alloys FA140 Flex Wheel

  • $250 USD

If you're a talented golfer with your own sense of style, your golf cart should reflect your personality and your passion for the best things in life. Flex golf cart wheels by Fairway Alloys can help. When you're driving across the course, a set of glossy Flex wheels will impress your fellow golfers and show the world that you're on top of your game, and you take great care of your ride.

Flex Wheels Work With Your Cart Design for Upscale Style

Fairway Alloys specifically designed the FA140 and FA139 Flex wheels to subtly accentuate your golf cart's own lines. The result is an extremely sophisticated, high-end look that emulates factory-installed upgrades. The Flex line provides two size options to fit your vehicle, so you can lift a little or a lot.

How a Beautiful Wheel Is Made

Like all of their quality golf cart wheels, the FA139 and FA140 wheels receive great attention to detail during production. Each wheel is painted with a super-thick coat of deep gloss black paint, which locks onto the surface of the aluminum and gives the wheel a lifetime of beauty and the durability to weather even the heaviest use. Order your set today, and impress your opponents at your next big golf game.

Fairway Alloys Lifetime Warranty Information

We are confident that your new Flex wheels will last a lifetime even under harsh conditions. However, if your wheels become damaged, they are backed by Fairway Alloys lifetime structural warranty, and their outer finish is covered by a one-year warranty.

Complement Your Stylish Flex Wheels With Our Best Tires

For consistent style and a cool new look, pair your Flex wheels with any of Fairway Alloys' quality 12- or 14-inch tire options. With your new premium wheels and tires, you'll be set to conquer the streets and the golf course with renewed vigor.

Product Specifications: FA139 Flex

  • Model: FA139 Flex
  • Size: 12x6"
  • Offset: -23mm
  • Weight: 10.75 lbs.
  • Bolt Pattern: 4x4
  • Maximum Load: 750 lbs.
  • Cap configuration: Pop-in

Product Specifications: FA140 Flex

  • Model: FA140 Flex
  • Size: 14x6.5"
  • Offset: -20mm
  • Weight: 13.25 lbs.
  • Bolt Pattern: 4x4
  • Maximum Load: 750 lbs.
  • Cap configuration : Pop-in

About Fairway Alloys

All Fairway Alloys premium golf cart wheels are created by Wheel Pro Powersports Division. The company was founded in 1998 as a provider of high-quality, durable post-market golf cart wheels and accessories. It remains an industry leader in wheel construction and design today. Fairway Alloys wheels are fabricated through low-pressure casting of virgin aluminum, which lends each finished wheel its characteristic low porosity and attractive luster. After it is molded, each golf cart replacement wheel is subjected to careful hand inspection. It is then finished with premium-quality automotive-grade components and paints. Fairway Alloys wheels are designed to fit most golf cart makes and models including Star, Yamaha, Club Car, EZ-GO and others. Please contact us for assistance in determining if Fairway Alloys wheels are compatible with your vehicle.