Fairway Alloys 127 Divot Wheel

  • $250 USD

Whether you drive your golf cart exclusively on the green, or you use it to get around town, you want it to look its best and perform reliably. Fairway Alloys top-quality golf cart wheels can help you achieve that goal. The FA127 Divot wheel is the answer to a longtime problem faced by golf cart owners who want to upgrade their cart's appearance and performance with an attractive, durable eight-inch wheel replacement.

Think Better, Not Bigger

Standard golf cart wheel sizes start at eight inches, but aftermarket lift kits and low-profile tires allow cart owners to install 10- or 12-inch wheels to create a more dramatic look. However, not everyone wants to upsize their wheels, and if you're in the eight-inch market, you may find it difficult to find a decent-looking stock replacement. The FA127 Divot is a standard eight-inch wheel that gives your cart an upscale wheel makeover without the size increase. It's the most attractive eight-inch wheel in the industry at a price that won’t hurt your wallet.

Machined Gloss Black Finish

Each FA127 Divot golf cart wheel is painted with ultra-thick, automotive-grade gloss black paint to protect it from discoloration and other effects of age. The attractive finish increases durability and helps the wheel weather natural elements and heavy use. To add even more finesse, the wheel is micro-machined using our cutting-edge CNC machines; this process highlights specific lines of the spoke design, giving the wheel a sophisticated, high-end look that will make your cart the envy of all your golf buddies.

Fairway Alloys Lifetime Structural Warranty

The solid structure of the FA127 Divot wheel ensures that it will last even under the most challenging conditions. However, if anything goes wrong, you're covered. As with all of our premium golf cart wheels, your FA127 Divot is covered by a lifetime structural warranty as well as a full one-year warranty on its finish.

Be Ready for Your Next Big Game

It's time to say goodbye to your old, weary-looking golf cart wheels. Impress everyone at the golf course with your sharp-looking yet affordable FA127 Divot replacements. Order your set today!

Product Specifications

  • Model: FA127 Divot
  • Size: 8x7
  • Offset: +0mm
  • Weight: 6 lbs.
  • Bolt Pattern: 4x4
  • Maximum Load: 650 lbs.
  • Cap Type: Snap-on

About Fairway Alloys

Fairway Alloys Golf Cart Wheels are manufactured by Wheel Pro Powersports Division. The company was founded in 1998 to provide discerning golf cart owners with quality aftermarket golf cart wheels. It continues to be the leader in quality design and construction of golf cart wheels and accessories today. Each Fairway Alloys wheel is made with lightweight virgin aluminum used in low-pressure casting; this gives the wheel its characteristic high luster and low porosity. After it is manufactured, each wheel is inspected by hand and finished with the highest automotive-grade bolts, inserts, paints and other components. Fairway Alloys wheels fit most brands including Club Car, EZ-GO, Fairplay, Star, Yamaha and many others. For assistance in determining wheel compatibility, please contact us today.