Evergreen Legacy LE 2P

  • $8,876 USD


Model: Legacy LE 2P

Manufacturer: Evergreen

Seating Capacity: 2

Top Speed: 19 MPH

Available Colors

Interior Color: Beige

Exterior Color: Red,Black,Wh


Power Source: Electric

Horsepower: 6 Horsepower

Fuel Capacity: N/A

Oil Capacity: N/A

Drive System: 2*2

Size and Capacity

Length (Inches): 95

Width (Inches): 47

Height (Inches): 0


Frame: N/A

Front Body Style: N/A

Back Body Style: N/A

Brakes: Dual rear disc brakes

If you are looking for a new golf cart that handles equally well on paved roads as it does on the links, a lesser known but reliable option is available from a U.S. company known as EverGreen. Although it also produces electric vehicles marketed for commercial and industrial customers, the company’s Legacy LE 2P is meant to be used as personal transportation. The base model is great for driving in golf-cart communities and other privately maintained areas, and with a few upgrades, it could become a street-legal low-speed vehicle (LSV).

Legacy LE 2P Overview

The Legacy LE 2P is the entry-level electric vehicle from EverGreen, and it is made for recreational use and golf. While it has the classic design of a golf cart, it can also be used for light-duty commercial work at job sites, hotels, resorts and other areas that simply require an easy, economical way to get people from one point to another.

While this vehicle is made in the U.S. by a U.S. company, very little is done to advertise it, and the information available about it is sorely lacking. However, it is solidly built, and the cushioned seats are about as comfortable as they get on electric golf carts.

Performance and Specifications

In keeping with EverGreen’s bizarre choice to keep information about their vehicles out of the public eye, not all of the specifications of the Legacy LE 2P are known. However, this is what the company offers with a little more personally discovered or surmised.

The Legacy LE 2P measures at 95.25 inches long by 47.25 inches wide by 76.5 inches high at the top of the canopy. It weighs 1,215 pounds, according to EverGreen, but we are not quite sure if this is dry weight or curb weight.

The electric Regen motor provides 6.5 horsepower, and it is run on six 8-volt lead-acid batteries that can be upgraded to a bank of eight 6-volt lead-acid batteries, six Fullriver DC-180 8-volt AGMs or eight Fullriver DC-250 6-volt AGMs that provide an extended range of up to 50 miles on a single charge. A basic Lester charger is included, but you have the option of upgrading it to an onboard, high-frequency Delta-Q charger

The controller operates at 300 amps, but you have to take a look at the plate on the casing to discover it is a 1266 Curtis, and the vehicle has a maximum speed of 19.5 mph, which is very impressive for an electric golf cart.

Features and Accessories

The Legacy LE 2P offers a few standout features in its base model. Stopping is accomplished via two mechanical, pneumatic disc brakes on the rear wheels, and all of the wheels have 10-inch aluminum rims. Headlights, taillights, turn signals and a horn all come standard, and they are controlled via a handy lever on the steering column that is similar to those in most traditional automobiles. The bench seats are made of tan eco-vinyl but can be upgraded to two-tone bucket seats. The steering is a self-compensating rack-and-pinion system, and there is an independent leaf suspension with pneumatic shocks in the front and hydraulic shocks in the back.

Most people who own the Legacy LE 2P will tell you they were attracted by its elegant aesthetics, high top speed and affordable price tag, but if you spend just a little more on optional accessories, you can really make this vehicle shine. Standard colors for the Legacy LE are white, black, silver, red and champagne while optional colors include blue, green, nutmeg and copper.

You can upgrade the interior with a carbon-fiber or burl wood trim kit and add a carbon fiber glove box. On the exterior, you can add 12-inch aluminum wheels, mirrors, an extended canopy and a rear flip seat.

About EverGreen

Very little is known about the origin of EverGreen other than it was founded in the United States sometime within the last decade. The corporate headquarters was once in Grand Junction, Colorado, but is now in Lexington, Kentucky, while the production facility is located in Rancho Dominguez, California. The company emphasizes that its products, including the Legacy LE 2P, are assembled in the USA, and at least 50 percent of the Legacy’s parts are produced domestically.

Recently, EverGreen was purchased by Clark Material Handling, a manufacturer of material-handling equipment since 1917. As a parent company, Clark has maintained EverGreen’s dealer network and supplies each with accessories and parts from its 166,000-square-foot distribution center. The last model of the Legacy LE 2P to be released was in 2012, and it is unclear whether an update will be forthcoming.

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