Cushman Shuttle 4X

  • $6,800 USD


Model: Shuttle 4X

Manufacturer: Cushman

Seating Capacity: 4

Top Speed: 17 MPH

Available Colors

Interior Color: White

Exterior Color: Red,Blue,Bla


Power Source: Electric

Horsepower: 3 Horsepower

Fuel Capacity: N/A

Oil Capacity: N/A

Drive System: 2*2

Size and Capacity

Length (Inches): 108

Width (Inches): 48

Height (Inches): 0


Frame: Welded steel with

Front Body Style: Injection Molded TPO, Painted

Back Body Style: Injection Molded TPO, Painted

Brakes: N/A

Cushman is, perhaps, the most renowned manufacturer of commercial transportation in the world. The company produces a full range of utility and cargo vehicles and personnel carriers, including both gasoline and electric low-speed vehicles (LSVs) for situations that do not require traditional trucks. Included in Cushman’s lineup of people movers is the Shuttle 4X, which is ideal for transporting people on uneven ground, loose surfaces, slippery roads and other rough environments not suitable for LSVs based on a golf-cart design.

Cushman Shuttle 4X Overview

The Cushman Shuttle 4X is one of the best LSVs you can buy for driving on less-than-ideal terrain, but it also performs well on paved roads in both commercial and private settings. At home or on personal property, it can be used for yardwork or to tool around the neighborhood, and as a commercial or industrial vehicle, it is great for transporting people across large campuses, in extended warehouses or from one building to another. Of course, you will always get the most use out of it as an off-road vehicle.

This personnel transport is available in a fully electric version or with a gasoline-powered engine. It seats four adults comfortably, two in the front bench seat and two more in the rear-facing bench seat. It has a high ground clearance for navigating through adverse conditions, and it comes with a full range of powerful features with several more available as options.

Shared Specifications: Electric and Gas

The electric Shuttle 4X shares many of the same specifications with the gasoline model. Both are 108.5 inches long, 48.5 inches wide and 52.5 inches high. With the optional canopy, however, the height increases to 82 inches. Each has a wheelbase of 65.5 inches, but the ground clearance of the electric model is 5.5 inches while the gasoline version has a clearance of 6 inches.

Cushman Shuttle 4X Electric

Surprisingly, the Cushman Shuttle Electric is nearly as powerful as the gasoline model. The shunt-wound motor has solid copper windings and a brazed armature, and it operates on 48 volts of DC power supplied by a bank of six 8-volt, deep-cycle batteries. It provides 2.2 kilowatts of power, which translates to 3 horsepower at continuous operation. It also has a pedal starting system and a 250-amp, Solid State controller. The batteries are recharged through an onboard PowerWise QE charger that accepts 120-volt AC electricity.

The direct-drive motor shaft in this model has a helical-gear transaxle with a rear-axle ratio of 14.76: 1, and the dash-mounted gear selector has three positions for forward, neutral and reverse.

The dry weight of the electric Shuttle 4X is 685 pounds while the curb weight with batteries is 1,050 pounds. It has a maximum capacity of 800 pounds, and the maximum speed on level ground is 17.5 mph although some people have been able to get it up to 18 mph.

Cushman Shuttle 4X Gas

The Shuttle 4X Gasoline is a beauty, and its performance is well above average. It all starts with the 24.5-cubic-inch, four-cycle, single-cylinder engine from Kawasaki. It has an overhead valve, a pressurized oil system with a spin-on filter and is air cooled. The engine provides a full 13.5 horsepower, giving the vehicle a top speed of 17 mph in drive and 13 mph in reverse on level ground.

Starting is accomplished via a 12-volt, maintenance-free battery, which provides power to the starter and generator. The 6-gallon fuel tank holds enough gasoline for a range that extends well beyond that of the electric model, and stopping power is provided by dual rear-wheel, self-adjusting drum brakes.

Additional Features and Options

The standard features of the Cushman Shuttle 4X make it well worth the asking price. The frame is constructed of welded steel protected by a DuraShield powder coat, and the body is made of injection-molded TPO for durability and resilience. The self-compensating rack-and-pinion steering is responsive and reliable, and both the front and rear suspensions are leaf-spring systems with hydraulic shock absorbers.

The 11-inch Trail Wolf tires have deeply grooved tread for superior off-road traction and stability, and the front is protected by a bumper with an attached brush guard. The headlights and taillights allow you to operate the vehicle in poor lighting or at night, and the rear-facing seat includes a grab bar for passenger safety. In addition, the rear seat folds down, converting into a cargo deck.

The Shuttle 4X can also be personalized with additional features and accessories, including turn signals, LED lighting, dual locking glove boxes, a unique key switch and much more. The vehicle is available in a total of 12 colors, and pinstripes can be added in black, silver and pewter.

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