Club Car Transporter

  • $9,616 USD


Model: Transporter

Manufacturer: Club Car

Seating Capacity: 6

Top Speed: 17 MPH

Available Colors

Interior Color: Platinum

Exterior Color: Metallic Cha


Power Source: Electric

Horsepower: 3 Horsepower

Fuel Capacity: N/A

Oil Capacity: N/A

Drive System: 2*2

Size and Capacity

Length (Inches): 133

Width (Inches): 49

Height (Inches): 48


Frame: Aircraft grade al

Front Body Style: ArmorFlex

Back Body Style: Aluminium

Brakes: 4-wheel mechanical drum

While Club Car is known for its golf carts, which are regularly used as private, neighborhood transportation, the company also produces commercial low-speed vehicles (LSVs) of the highest quality. One of the most durable, most rugged and best performing of Club Car’s transport vehicles is the Transporter, which is available in several configurations to meet the needs of any business, organization or private owner.

Transporter Overview

Whether you need to transport students around campus, guests at a resort, residents in an apartment complex or employees through a worksite, Club Car offers the perfect solution in its Transporter LSV. The all-new Club Car Transporters are not only reliable and powerful but also extremely versatile. This vehicle is strong enough for industrial settings, but it is also sophisticated enough to be used at sporting events or posh resorts.

The body and frame of the Transporter is rugged aluminum, so it will never rust, and the independent front suspension and self-compensating rack-and-pinion steering provide for optimal handling and a comfortable ride. As a testament to the quality of this vehicle, the company has recently extended its warranty, making it one of the longest and most comprehensive in the industry.

The Transporter is available in both electric and gasoline versions, and both types have their benefits. The standard Transporter seats four, but you can add a fold-down, rear-facing seat to carry up to six adults while maintaining a high level of maneuverability, even on narrow paths or in congested areas.

Electric Transporter

Club Car is dedicated to environmentally friendly transportation and is the largest manufacturer of electric vehicles in the world. The Transporter is only one of several utility and commercial transportation vehicles offered by the company, and it includes a quiet, cost-effective drive system that produces zero emissions and does not sacrifice the power of a gasoline engine. It is designed to overcome the transportation challenges faced by any type or size of business.

Electric Transporters come standard with several advanced features that are exclusive to Club Car, including a high-frequency charger with a built-in cord retractor located on the front of the vehicle. At 92 percent to 95 percent efficiency, this charger is 10 percent more powerful than the previous version. The voltage range of the Transporter is 85 volts to 265 volts, which keeps it in use for as long as possible before requiring a recharge, which can be accomplished through any 110-volt or 240-volt outlet. In addition, the charger can be programmed for either standard lead-acid batteries or AGM gel batteries.

The charging system is not the only aspect of the electric Transporter that makes it an exceptional machine. Its power plant is a 48-volt DC motor with a 500-amp solid-state controller that gives it 3.7 horsepower continuous and 20 horsepower peak. The bank consists of eight 6-volt batteries, and the direct-drive transmission employs a double-reduction helical gear at a ratio of 12.32: 1. The curb weight of the vehicle is 1,494 pounds or 1,505 pounds with the optional rear seat. The total vehicle capacity is 1,500 pounds, and it has a top speed of 17 mph.

Gasoline Transporter

When the gasoline Transporter was first introduced, it had a single-cylinder Kawasaki engine, but the newer version sports a 14-horsepower Subaru engine that brings automobile technology to the LSV market. This engine includes the following features:

  • Electronic fuel injection (EFI) – The EFI is coupled with an electronic capacitive discharge ignition (CDI) to provide improved power when cold starting and increased fuel efficiency. In addition, the system automatically compensates for altitude.
  • Overhead cam – The chain-driven overhead cam has a hemispherical head for efficient intake and fast acceleration and reduced emissions.
  • Filterless oil system – This system saves 33 percent on maintenance costs and simplifies the design of the engine. It also includes a patent-pending oil scoop to deliver oil to the cam chain efficiently.
  • Improved engine cooling – The cooling system keeps the temperatures low to improve the overall lifespan of the engine.

The gasoline Transporter weighs 932 pounds in the four-seat configuration and 943 pounds as a six-seater. Like the electric version, it has a total capacity of 1,500 pounds and a top speed of 17 mph.

Standard Features

The Club Car Transporter comes with a host of standard features that would be optional in many other LSVs. It has an automotive-style dash with a 12-volt power outlet for phones or accessories and a soft-grip steering wheel. The interior has been likened to that of an aviation cockpit with ample space between the driver and the wheel. The bed box features a durable floor with a Rhino bed liner, and it includes a track-based attachment system for equipment and tools.

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