California Roadster Golf Cart

  • $10,995 USD

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The California Roadster Golf Cart is a unique electric vehicle that celebrates both the past and the present. With its classic design of dazzling yellow accented by bold red flames, the American-made cart combines retro style with today’s advanced low-speed electric vehicle technology to make a golf cart that meets your transportation needs, attracts plenty of positive attention, and helps you live a greener, more energy-efficient lifestyle. The most amazing perk is that it does so without compromising on luxury or reputation.

A Four-Seat Dynamo on the Green

Holding four passengers comfortably in its compact frame, this smaller version of the classic California Roadster is a modern legend that everyone who you meet on the golf course will stop to see. It reaches a top speed of 25 miles per hour and covers a range of 50 miles, so it can get you to the next hole or the supermarket with equal finesse. Ample leg room and comfortable seats make it a dream to drive or ride, and every control is within easy reach. The prominent battery capacity meter ensures that you’ll never lose track of your remaining battery power while you’re on the road. To keep you connected with your family and friends, the Roadster has an in-dash 12-volt power source to power phones, laptops and other devices.

The California Roadster’s Reliable Construction

Among the Roadster’s most stylish features are its exterior chrome finishes and high-quality automotive body paint covering a one-piece fiberglass composite construction. A pure aluminum I-beam chassis and stainless steel components complete its form. Inside the Roadster, marine-type vinyl materials and synthetic carpet create a sporty, stylish interior environment that makes driving comfortable and fun.

A Legend Meets Today’s High-Tech Performance Standards

The Roadster’s consistent and reliable performance stems from the best of today’s electric vehicle technology. It has a three-phase, 17.5 HP brushless AC drive motor paired with a 48-volt, DC electrical system and monitored by a Sevcon 400 amp GenIV speed controller. Rack and pinion steering and a double reduction transaxle round out its performance.

Roadster Standard Safety Features

The California Roadster is built to protect its drivers and passengers and the pedestrians around them. Standard safety features include headlights, turn signal indicators, polished mirrors and a safety horn. Its hydraulic disk front brakes and 7” rear mechanical drum-type brakes provide reliable stopping power. Braking distance at 12 miles per hour is nine feet.

If your ideal electric golf cart has a little flash and a lot of practical benefits, the Roadster is calling your name. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own an original that will never lose its charm. The California Roadster is a tribute to both fine craftsmanship and the staying power of a great brand.