Is This the Return of the Greatest Golf Cart on the Planet?

<span class='p-name'>Is This the Return of the Greatest Golf Cart on the Planet?</span>
In February 2016, we reported the acquisition of Tomberlin by Columbia ParCar. The Tomberlin LSV’s popularity and the company’s dedication to innovative design made it one of the strongest manufacturers of golf carts worldwide.

Predictably, the change of hands left many loyal customers frustrated and confused, especially when both Tomberlin and Columbia ParCar seemed to go silent after promising updates about the fate of Tomberlin golf carts once the sale was final. Tomberlin’s Twitter and Facebook accounts ceased to be active. All of the videos were removed from the company’s YouTube channel, and all warranty information, digital manuals and other content from the Tomberlin University website vanished. Many Tomberlin dealers removed all mentions of the brand from their websites and proceeded to focus on marketing products made by other companies. At the time, consumers had little reason to be optimistic.

Tomberlin Is Still in the Game

Tomberlin fans can now breathe a sigh of relief. The acquisition was completed in early March of 2016. Since then, a dealer network has been established throughout the U.S. According to the company’s website, there are already 42 dealers in the United States that are selling Tomberlin golf carts, which are currently being manufactured at Columbia ParCar’s factory in Reedsburg, Wisconsin. Tomberlin also reports that the 2017 international dealer program was rolled out this month with Tomberlin Emerge golf carts now available to order for the international market through Columbia ParCar. Unfortunately, no announcement has yet been made about a potential dealer network in Australia, Europe or the United Kingdom, and there are no pricing details yet available for the International market.

Tomberlin Emerge Models

The Tomberlin LSV’s strengths are preserved with the new Emerge line. The range includes the following four models.

Emerge E2 SE

The Emerge E2 SE provides a number of standard features that are considered optional on other carts. It accommodates two passengers and has a minimum range of 40 miles. Built for convenience and comfort, it boasts upholstered bench seating complete with arm rests, four cup holders and a rear-locking storage trunk. Available in two colors, the stylish cart also features a color-matched canopy top.

Additional Features:

Emerge E2 SS

  • Optional matching two-passenger rear-facing seat
  • On-board 1050w smart charger with remote LED Marinco plug
  • Dual speed settings: 14.9MPH and 19.9 MPH
  • Four-wheel hydraulic brakes
  • Injection-molded, high-impact ABS body
  • High- and low-beam headlights, LED tail lights and rear high-mount stop lamp
  • Eight six-volt battery configuration

With its custom two-toned, high-back seats, wood grain steering wheel and cup holders, choice of five standard colors and optional matching rear-facing seat, the E2 SS is clearly built with style and fun in mind.

Additional Features:

Emerge E2 LE

  • Automotive type steering console with two-speed control
  • Custom-tooled 12” SS aluminum wheels
  • Dual speed settings
  • Three-point safety belts
  • DOT-approved automotive safety glass windshield and wiper
  • Four-way turn signals with emergency flashers and horn
  • Illuminated dash-mounted digital speedometer and odometer
  • Rear locking storage
  • Double-ended rack and pinion steering
  • Independent dual A-arm front suspension
  • Minimum range of 40 miles

The Emerge E2 LE is a two-passenger model that delivers the goods for those wanting more. It has a two-speed key switch that lets you adapt to various driving situations and road conditions, a range that can exceed 40 miles, stylish wood grain finishes and seven standard color choices.

Additional Features:

Emerge E4 LE

  • Premium bolstered high-back seats with arm rests
  • Optional matching two-passenger rear-facing seats
  • Custom-tooled 12-inch aluminum wheels
  • Three-point safety belts and DOT-approved automotive safety glass windshield
  • High- and low-beam headlights, LED tail lights and rear high-mount stop lamp
  • Dual-locking glove boxes and rear-locking storage trunk
  • E-coated and painted round tubal steel frame

Although known for its performance, the Emerge E4 LE is built with safety and style in mind. It has many features that are suited for traditional vehicles, but it feels like a sports car and puts more excitement into every ride. The E4 LE is a four-passenger cart with two rear and two forward-facing upholstered bench seats, arm rests and four cup holders. With seven colors to choose from, the vehicle lets you express your personal style.

Additional Features:

Emerge Impresses with New Features

  • Three-point safety belts
  • DOT-approved automotive safety glass windshield and windshield wiper
  • Two side view mirrors and interior rear view mirror
  • Dual locking glove boxes and rear-locking trunk
  • Injection-molded high-impact ABS body and canopy top
  • Frame and battery tray designed for 48v battery configurations
  • Independent coil cover spring with anti-roll sway bar

A few general changes have been made to improve the newest Emerge Tomberlin golf carts. All four models now feature a 5 kw AC drive 17hp peak regenerative braking motor. The Curtis controllers are no longer being used. They have been replaced with Sevcon AC Drive 450a controllers. Other new features include the Warner PK-35 electric brake with on-board override and new standard 12.25 all-aluminum transaxle. The Emerge retains the popular and eye-catching body shape and grille that has made the carts instantly recognizable since 2007.

Prices for the Emerge in the United States range from $6,900 to $12,000.

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