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low speed vehicle airbags

Should Low-Speed Vehicles Be Fitted With Airbags?

Even though LSVs must include certain safety equipment, such as seatbelts, airbags are not required.
lithium ion golf cart batteries

What Are the Advantages of Lithium-Ion Batteries?

Until recently most electric golf carts have been powered by banks of four to eight lead-acid batteries.

What Is a Neighborhood Electric Vehicle?

Electric cars are all the rage, but very few of us want to trade in our powerful gasoline or diesel vehicles, or can afford them or to buy one.
worlds fastest golf cart

What Is the Fastest Golf Cart?

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the world’s fastest Golf Cart is…
golf cart history

What is The History of the Golf Cart

You may not have given much consideration to the golf cart you drive along the course, but these vehicles have an interesting history
golf cart battery maintenance

How to Maintain Golf Cart Batteries

Electric golf carts are widely known as low-maintenance vehicles that do not require much attention to keep going.
global golf cart market

What Is the Future of the Global Golf Cart Market?

Golf Carts are making a bigger impact on the transportation industry than other types of electric cars
ez go golf cart recall

Over 8,000 E-Z-GO Golf Carts Recalled

Approximately 8,200 gas-powered E-Z-GO golf carts, shuttles and utility vehicles have been recalled
golf cart safety

How To Improve Golf Cart Safety

Not so long ago, golf carts were relegated to golf courses, and the damage you could do in one was quite limited. But Not now…