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hope island golf cart track

Earthworks Commence on Cart Track From Hope Island to Sanctuary Cove

Earthwork has begun on a limited-use track connecting Hope Island and Sanctuary Cove
off road golf carts

U.S. Army Unveils High-Tech, Self-Driving Golf Carts

A division of the ground-based branch of the U.S. armed forces has successfully tested a series of autonomous robotic vehicles.
reduce golf cart theft

How to Reduce Golf Cart Theft

Here we discuss a number of options to help prevent the theft of your golf cart.
golf cart batteries for the future

What Is the Future for Golf Cart Batteries?

A new report recently published by Technavio, one of the leading market-research firms in the world, details the future
golf cart carbon monoxide

Beware of the Hidden Danger in Most Electric Golf Carts

US Fire departments became aware of the danger presented by charging lead-acid batteries
used ez-go golf carts

Lithium Batteries Extend EZ GO RXV Range to 114 Miles

LithiumBoost Plus system helps EZ GO RXV golf cart travel 114 miles at an average speed of 17 mph
golf buggy at sanctuary cove

Hope Island & Sanctuary Cove Golf Cart Track Approved

Good news for residents of Hope Island Resort and Sanctuary Cove on Queensland’s Gold Coast.
used golf carts

What to Look For When Buying a Used Golf Cart

Here are some tips to help prospective buyers when purchasing used golf carts.
low speed vehicle airbags

Should Low-Speed Vehicles Be Fitted With Airbags?

Even though LSVs must include certain safety equipment, such as seatbelts, airbags are not required.
lithium ion golf cart batteries

What Are the Advantages of Lithium-Ion Batteries?

Until recently most electric golf carts have been powered by banks of four to eight lead-acid batteries.

What Is a Neighborhood Electric Vehicle?

Electric cars are all the rage, but very few of us want to trade in our powerful gasoline or diesel vehicles, or can afford them or to buy one.
worlds fastest golf cart

What Is the Fastest Golf Cart?

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the world’s fastest Golf Cart is…