Lifestyle Golf Cars Relocates to Sanctuary Cove Village

<span class='p-name'>Lifestyle Golf Cars Relocates to Sanctuary Cove Village</span>
Whether you are playing 18 holes at one of its two championship golf courses or heading out for a day of shopping on the upbeat streets of The Marine Village, you cannot dispute that golf buggies are the most popular form of transportation at Sanctuary Cove. Lifestyle Golf Cars has recognized that traditional automobiles play a diminished role in Sanctuary Cove and that golf buggies are indispensable even to those who never set foot on the links. Acting on this knowledge, this well-established Sanctuary Cove business, which is also the only authorized dealer of EZ Go golf carts in the Gold Coast, has relocated from the Country Club to The Marine Village, where it can better service the majority of residents.

Lifestyle Golf Cars Serves the Community

Lifestyle Golf Cars has been operating in Sanctuary Cove for more than ten years and is proud to bring residents and Country Club members the latest, most reliable and most advanced golf cars and low-speed vehicles (LSVs) on the market today. The business had always been located adjacent to the Country Club, but in November 2015, ownership changed hands, and the new owner, Geoff Pervan, relocated it across Sanctuary Cove to the shopping hub of the community:

The Marine Village.

Pervan is extremely pleased with the utopian lifestyle he leads at Sanctuary Cove, and his mission is to ensure all residents and visitors have a similar experience by providing reliable, affordable and environmentally friendly vehicles to this community that has largely shunned standard automobiles. Although Pervan admits that he is not an avid golfer, he brings more than 30 years of experience in the golf-cart industry to his business. He is an accomplished LSV mechanic and has worked extensively with automotive electrical systems but spent his recent work life in mining. He felt it was time to make the move to something closer to his heart, which not only includes golf carts but also helping people have fun.

“I was looking for an opportunity to come back to the Gold Coast to work and also to be able to spend more time with my family, so this business suited perfectly. I don’t play much golf myself, but I have the skills and experience to service the buggies so that everyone else can have fun,” said Pervan when asked about his decision to buy Lifestyle Golf Cars. “We moved the shop from the Country Club to The Marine Village in 2016. It is a fantastic atmosphere, and we love being a part of the community here.”

Specializing in EZ Go Golf Carts

Lifestyle Golf Cars specializes in selling brand-new golf buggies, including U.S.-made carts from EZ-Go and LSVs from Hummer. As a sole authorized agent for EZ Go, Lifestyle Golf Cars offers a full range of the manufacturer’s popular electric and petrol-operated vehicles, which are known for their durability, operational efficiency, and low maintenance costs. In addition, the business offers all of the latest EZ Go accessories direct from the warehouse, including club and ball washers, all-weather enclosures, dash organizers, seat covers and floor mats.

Lifestyle is also known as the first dealer in Australia to offer the electric buggy version of the iconic American Hummer. Shortly after the first Hummer buggies arrived, the shop was inundated with curious browsers, many of which became instant customers. These cars have remained popular since they were first introduced because they can travel up to 100 km on a four-hour charge, and they allow owners to avoid the pollution tax.

In addition to selling new Hummer and EZ-Go golf cars, the business sells used buggies of all makes and models and provides expert repairs, services, and customizations. If you are not ready to own a golf buggy, you can also take advantage of Lifestyle Golf Cars’ buggy-hire services by the hour, day or week.

The Sanctuary Cove Lifestyle

Sanctuary Cove is one of the top recreational destinations in Australia, and it is known for creating and catering to what has been called the buggy lifestyle. Here, the golf buggy is not limited to the two championship golf courses on the premises. Integrated trails connect all of the major areas and are used for running errands, meeting friends, shopping or going out to dinner.

“Most people use the buggies before their cars here. The golf buggy has come into its own as an alternative mode of transport in terms of technological advances and reliability as well as style,” says Pervan. “Our range is designed for superior handling on the course, but off the green, they allow people to take transport at their own pace and are a great match for the relaxed way of life here at Sanctuary Cove.”

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