• $5,000 USD

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The 2016 Ezgo RXV is a 4-seater golf cart with comfortable seating, high ground clearance, and fantastic driving performance. This model has been designed to tackle any conditions, from rough and uneven terrain through to slippery fairways and greens. From the golf course through to the resort, the Exgo RXV is one of the most versatile and well-equipped mobile vehicles on the market.

Efficient and safe operation

This 4-seater vehicle comes with a heavy-duty motor for maximum performance, with a 48-volt engine working in parallel with Trojan batteries and electronic speed control. Charging the Ezgo RXV is easy thanks to the inclusion of a 20-amp charger. Safety is also a priority, with this design featuring a mechanical safety brake along with a regenerative braking mechanism. While it's designed as a 4-seater, the RXV rear-end can also be converted to a flat deck when you need to transport large items.

Rugged performance

This mobile vehicle features higher clearance than many of its competitors, making it easier to maneuver in rough conditions. While it does have its limits, there's very little terrain on a modern golf course that the RXV can't master. The Ezgo RXV 4-seater golf cart is 2.5 meters long and 1.24 meters wide, with the inclusion of large and comfortable seats that are sizeable enough to support most body types.

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